Magnum MK5 Track Car Makes World Debut in South Florida

Previous night there is an entrance of the Magnum MK5 in United States in South Florida at the Boca Raton Concours pre-celebration. However, everyone was pleasantly amazed this Canadian car was even nice-looking in creature.

Speaking to CTO Bruno St-Jacques and President, you acquired a well knowledge of simply how strong this fabulous track car was. Engine of 4-cylinder Hayabusa motorcycle drive out 250 horsepower and the very little weight should boost it similar to none other among a power to weight proportion of per ton 460hp.


In Boca Raton, on the launch of car St-Jacques state that “They are really delighted to get an invitation of being part of the Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance. In the world, it is best well-known events of automotive. For magnum it will be integrity to contain the showcased MK5 together with several of the supreme names in the interesting industry of automotive.”

Magnum Cars of Montreal-built was nearby since 1968; however you have possibly not ever perceived of them if you were an extremely dedicated fan of F1. Currently, however, they have select to ascend alongside names of big(ish) similar  to the Caterham Seven and Ariel Atom among the MK5 that look like a recent Lincoln edition of the Miata, however it is not.

It is empowered via 250 hp 4-cylinder which revolutions to almost eleven thousands rpm and settle down in middle position, offering power to an automated 6-speed manual. Via approximately 1,200 lbs of weight (definitely construction of carbon fiber), it holds 460 horsepower per ton by weight: ratio.  Late in upcoming year, the Magnum MK5 is on sale and cost is equal to $139,000 in initial time. Only limited 20 cars are produced by Magnum, perhaps to make certain it remains limited, different steps are taken by the government.

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