7 Reasons Why The Lexus NX Trumps The BMW X3

When it comes to looking for a premium crossover SUV you’ve got a few choices available. Two of the most prominent ones are the Lexus NX and the BMW X3.

On first reflection, you might think that both those cars offer identical features. Sure, they might have some items common to most cars in their category. But, there are plenty of notable differences. When doing a side-by-side comparison, the Lexus NX trumps the BMW X3! Here are seven reasons why that is so:


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  1. It’s not a German car

Most people assume that the only decent premium cars on the market are ones that get designed in Germany. The thing is: the Japanese are often better at vehicle design. Why? Because they push the boundaries of creative design. They don’t just stick with tried and tested methods. After all: isn’t that what any company should do to remain competitive?

  1. It’s a newer model

The latest incarnation of the Lexus NX started selling in 2014. Meanwhile, the current BMW X3 design is approximately five years old. When you spend money on buying a premium vehicle, you want something that offers a fresh design. It makes sense to opt for the Lexus NX so that you can enjoy a more modern style.

  1. You will benefit from Toyota’s world-famous build quality

There was once a time where BMWs offered superior build quality. I’m afraid to say that is not usually the case these days. Toyota is a car marque that prides itself on vehicle reliability. You might not know it, but Lexus is Toyota’s luxury vehicle division. That means you can enjoy the same build quality ethos as Toyota owners.

  1. The BMW X3 isn’t a hybrid

It doesn’t matter what walk of life we come from. All motorists worry about the rising cost of fuel these days. And the impact on the environment our vehicles have. According to Inchcape Lexus, one key reason the NX model trumps the X3 is down to its green credentials. That’s because the Lexus NX is a hybrid, whereas the BMW X3 is not.

  1. The Lexus NX is cheaper than the BMW X3

Of course, as with many things in life, the decision to buy a particular car comes down to cost. Lexus is keen to make inroads in the premium SUV market these days. One way to entice new customers to buy the NX is to offer a lower price.

  1. The petrol hybrid NX is greener than the diesel X3

One astonishing way the Lexus NX is better than the BMW X3 is down to the engines used. Take, for example, the 300h model. It has a 2.5-litre petrol hybrid powertrain. Now, let’s compare it with the xDrive 30d 3.0-litre diesel BMW X3. The NX offers lower emissions and higher MPG!

  1. Insurance is cheaper than the BMW X3

Last, but not least, it will cost you less to insure the Lexus NX than the BMW X3. Owning the Lexus is so much cheaper in many ways, one of which is insurance!

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