Koenigsegg CCX – Best Sports Car

The Koenigsegg CCX is a Swedish hypercar/supercar that was first introduced at 2006’s Geneva Auto Show and since then it is the third most demanding, fastest producing and prestigious supercar in the world after the Bugatti Veyron and SSC Ultimate Aero TT.

Comparison with other Hypercars

In the comparison with other hypercars manufacturers, the Koenigsegg did the job perfectly and so it seems that the dream of making a perfect and unique hypercar of the founder Christian Von Koenigsegg’s came true. The Koenigsegg CCX is competitive just like the latest models of the Bugatti and Pagani and this is the secret of the success of this car and the manufacturer of this car is trying to craft something more unique, high performance and high tech cars in the segment.


Koenigsegg CCX Premier Car – Engine Performance

The Koenigsegg CCX is one of the best premier cars of the Europe that employs a powerful Supercharged 4.7 liter V8 engine that delivers an impressive 806 horsepower at 6,900 RPM with a redline of 7,600 RPM at a top speed limit of 245 mph. The engine is mated with a six speed and the car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. The engine of this supercar is very impressive and efficient that runs on various types of fuel including gasoline and different sorts of bio-fuels.

Super High Speed Sports Car

The biggest advantage of the Koenigsegg CCX over its competitors is its ability to deliver high speed, respects environmental procedures and to offer best and affordable fuel options in the era OD rapidly growing fuel prices. The Koenigsegg CCX is the worlds fastest V8 car for which the car received lots of awards from different institutions throughout the world. Apart from the high speed, the Koenigsegg CCX  offers a unique design, firm and responsive controls and supportive seats.

Shape and Look

The Koenigsegg CCX  offers an extra 2 inches headroom in the comparison with its rivals and so it is one of the most spacious supercars in the segment. The shape and design of the car are specifically crafted to operate high speed that is the evidence of the hard work and compatibility of the Koenigsegg’s engineers. On the front bonnet, a new scope is added for the better evacuation of the air. The rear end of the car is complemented with a glass window and the car has a length of 34.3 inches.


Design overview of Koenigsegg CCX

This sports car  is designed and crafted with great care and therefore from the steering wheel, controls and gears everything is highly responsive and accurate. The driving experience of this supercar is just amazing that never loose firm even in tough corners. The car is absolutely perfect but the biggest reason of not using this car for the mass consumption is its price tag, $540,000 without tax. No doubt the Koenigsegg CCX  is the best creation of the company.

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