How To Keep Your Vehicle Covid Safe

During these times, it is essential that you think about limiting the spread of Covid-19 in every aspect of your life, and this includes vehicle safety. Your car is something that you will enter and exit often and spend a lot of time in, so it’s essential that you take steps to make sure that your car is disinfected and that there is a barrier between passengers in the vehicle.


  • Install a Sneeze Guard

Many vehicle drivers, particularly cab drivers and Uber drivers will want to find ways to maintain a physical barrier between them and their passengers. This is easily done by installing a car sneeze guard. Sneeze guards are effectively a sheet of plastic that separates you from the passengers in your vehicle. When you are traveling in a car, you are all packed into a small space with little ventilation, therefore it is absolutely essential to install a sneeze guard to stop you transferring germs to your passengers, and your passengers giving germs to you. Whenever people sneeze, cough, talk or even breathe, they are transferring tiny droplets of harmful pathogens into the air. In order to prevent these pathogens from infecting you, a physical barrier must be put in place.

  • Have Hand Santizer Readily Available

Having hand sanitizer readily available is a great way to limit the spread of Covid-19 and ensure that everyone in the car is protected. We all know that Covid-19 can spread easily through not washing our hands and when we don’t have a sink and soap available, using hand sanitizer gel is the next best thing. Hand sanitizer is a quick and easy method of making sure there are no harmful germs on your hands before touching parts of the vehicle. This is particularly important for vehicle safety as car passengers repeatedly touch the same handles to enter and exit the vehicle. Make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitizer with an easy to use pump in both the back and front section of the vehicle.

  • Clean Your Vehicle Regularly with a Disinfectant Spray

Cleaning your vehicle is an essential part of limiting the spread of Covid-19. Cleaning your vehicle regularly, especially if different passengers are coming in and out of it, is an essential part of limiting the spread of Covid-19. Make sure that you disinfect your car with disinfectant wipes or a cleaning spray. Wipe down the seats and pay special attention to wiping down the handles where people regularly touch. Cleaning down seatbelts is also another must as passengers will regularly touch these as they put their seatbelt on and off.

It won’t take much time to ensure that your vehicle is Covid safe. Performing regular cleans, and installing sneeze guards and hand gel in your car will ensure that you and any passengers in your vehicle feel safe and well protected against Covid-19. If you want to be extra careful, you could consider getting your car professionally cleaned now and then to make sure every surface has been properly disinfected, but if you don’t have time for that, a disinfectant spray will do the job just fine.

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