Jetta Hybrid Breaks SCTA Land Speed Record

Hybrids are soon becoming popular all over the world for the kind of fuel efficiency that they offer. However, many car buyers believe that hybrids are not as racy and performance oriented as the conventional vehicles. Volkswagen recently decided to bring out the Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid that has managed to break the speed limits set by various other hybrids in the market.

Volkswagen has said that Jetta Hybrid has become the world’s fastest hybrid in the world and the vehicle has broken the Southern California Timing Association land speed record. Volkswagen said that this class is usually for cars with engines of less than 1.5 liters that also uses forced induction.

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Carlos Lago, Motor Trend Associate Road Test Editor said that Jetta Hybrid has averaged at 186.313 mph over two runs during the SCTA World Final event. He also said that the previous record set by Jetta Hybrid at 188 mph has been broken and the car has managed to beat the 300 kmph mark. Jonathan Browning CEO and President of Volkswagen Group of America has said that the company is really proud that the Jetta Hybrid has maintained to be the fastest hybrid vehicle in the world and has proved it here at Bonneville. He also said that he is happy to see that the car has broken the previous world record to create another one raising the competition level higher but at the same time keeping the fuel economy in mind. The company said that Jetta Hybrid has the combine output of engine and electric motor which produces 170 horsepower and 184 lb feet of torque.

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