Top Tips to Increase the Value of Your Car Before Selling

Are you thinking of selling your car? The process must ideally be quick, easy, and result in you getting the best deal for your vehicle. Reputable companies such as RunBidSell offer the perfect solution to help you sell your car. We will discuss some top tips to increase the value of your vehicle before selling.

Do Essential Maintenance

Ensure that your car is mechanically sound and performing as it should be. There must be no warning and caution lights on the dashboard. Ensure that all necessary oil, fuel, and air filters are clean. Change the spark plugs. Check the levels of and refill the brake and clutch fluid. If your car has power steering, ensure that fluid has a top-up too.

If you are not mechanically inclined, make sure it receives a proper service by qualified maintenance professional. If your car has an air conditioning unit, ensure it receives a recharge of refrigerant, so it performs at it’s optimum.

Ensure your Tires are Pristine

Another critical consideration that is vital to riding comfort and more importantly, to safety, are your tires. Tires are often overlooked but are essential. However, tires support the car’s load, transmit braking and traction forces to the road surface and absorb road shocks.

They change and maintain the direction of travel. Ensure your tires are in pristine condition to the correct pressure. If they are not in optimal condition, and the tread is at an unacceptable level, you will need to replace them.

Make your Car Aesthetically Pleasing

Making your car look good on the eye is another essential consideration. First, let us start with the exterior. If your car has minor dents, consider making use of a panel beater. The small amount spent on a panel beater will result in a considerable amount gained in the value of your car.

If your car has scratches get them removed, if the scrape is shallow, a simple scratch removing kit and some elbow grease will be enough to remove it. For more prominent and extensive scratches, you may need to sand them down and have a touch of paint added. you think that how to find scrap car removal near me obviously Make use of a professional if you cannot do this yourself.

As for the interior, it could be worthwhile to replace and fix tactile objects such as gear levers or steering wheels. Perhaps the upholstery of the seats needs some TLC too. An automotive trimmer can assist you in this regard. This is the cherry on top. Make sure your car is thoroughly cleaned and polished. Add some air freshener. Consider having the engine cleaned to make her look good under the hood as well.

Have your Paperwork in Order


Check that your service book is up to date. This is an invaluable document with proof of your service history and adds significantly to the value of your car. Also, keep all receipts of any recent work you have done on the vehicle.

Ensure you have your license and registration documents all in order (and presentable), as the last thing you want is to have a buyer walk away near closing the sale as there has been one document missing.

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