How to Ride a Bike in the Snow?

Don’t pack up your bike this fall. If you’ve never ridden in the winter, you’re missing out on an entire season of trail riding and green commuting. Use these tips for riding in the snow and check out the latest fat tire and hybrid bikes for sale to conquer the powder on two wheels.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Temperature affects tire pressure. Cool-weather can alter the pressure in your tires, so it’s a good idea to get your tires checked out before you hit the snowy trail. Some riders prefer to drop the pressure in their tires for improved traction. A cold-weather ride isn’t going to be setting new trail time records, so you can decrease the tire pressure by a considerable amount without being concerned with wear on the rubber.

A fat tire bike is specifically designed to ride with low tire pressure. Thanks to the larger tires and thick walls, a fat tire bike can ride easily with built-in shock absorption and plenty of traction. These bikes are ideal for winter rides, so consider swapping out your street bike for something that’s ready for deep snow.

Find a Flat Trail

Snowy conditions aren’t the best time to try out your favorite hilly route. If possible, stick with flat trails until you get used to riding in winter. An ice-covered hill is a recipe for a wipeout for inexperienced winter riders, so take it easy on a flat course before attempting anything more demanding.

Drink Plenty of Water

Hiking, riding, and other outdoor activities in the winter can be dangerous. Many outdoor enthusiasts forget that they’re still sweating under all those layers. Be sure to stay hydrated when you ride in the snow and lookout for signs of dehydration. Consider using a hybrid womens bike or men’s bike to increase your riding speed and avoid over-exerting yourself on a long trail. 

Look for Packed Snow or Powder

Ice is your worst enemy when riding a bike in the snow, but snow is surprisingly easy to ride on. Whether you have a fresh powder to cruise on or are riding a packed trail, riding on a flat, straight trail in the winter is easier than you might think.

Review the trail before you set out. A snow-covered bike route may look surprisingly different than its summertime form, and it’s easy to get lost in the wilderness. If you’re the first rider on a trail, look for posts and other markings to ensure you’re still riding the right direction.

Some bike trails allow snowmobiles to take over in the winter, so watch out for any of these fellow riders. Share the trail with caution and make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings.

Shop for a New Bike Today

Your mountain bike may be a practical option, but there are many more bike types that give you a better wintertime riding experience. Shop for hybrid or fat tire women’s and men’s bikes online. Explore bikes designed for your specific body type and enjoy cruising comfortably with superior traction or speed thanks to these two innovative bike types.

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