How To Maintain Your Volkswagen Golf Like A Pro

The Volkswagen Golf is a popular car in many countries around the world and comes in hatchback, saloon and estate formats. One of my all-time favourites has to be the G60 Rallye, but sadly these days it’s extremely rare to spot one on the road!

I have owned many Golfs throughout my life, and I was happy with every single one of them! In fact, the only reason I got rid of them was because I wanted to upgrade to the next-generation models! I would have loved to have kept them all, but sadly I only have space for one car on my driveway.


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One of the keys to the global success of the Volkswagen Golf is that it is a highly-reliable car. If you are thinking of buying a Golf, here are some expert tips for maintaining your next German masterpiece like a pro!

Perform weekly checks

In order to virtually guarantee your Golf’s longevity, it is imperative that you perform some weekly checks on it.

These weekly checks should include:

  • External inspection – checking the tyres, brakes, lights and general condition of the Golf’s exterior for signs of wear or damage, and ensuring that the tyres are correctly inflated;
  • Under-the-bonnet inspection – check fluid levels for oil, coolant, power steering, transmission, and screen wash, and top-up where necessary.

Stick to service schedules

All cars have manufacturer-recommended service and maintenance schedules.

Regardless of whether you are buying a brand new Golf from a main dealer or a used one from, you must ensure that your Golf is maintained as and when required. Volkswagen will normally include these service and maintenance schedules as part of the owner’s manual.

If your Golf did not come with an owner’s manual, you can get a replacement from a main dealer or online through websites such as eBay.

Familiarise yourself with your Golf

You might know the basics of driving your Golf and operating certain features such as the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, but chances are you won’t know everything about it!

Therefore, you should take the time to familiarise yourself with all of your Golf’s features, the location of various controls and what to do if your Golf develops a fault whilst you are driving. Again, refer to your owner’s manual for all of this information.

Get your Golf serviced by an authorised repairer

Many people attempt to service and maintain their cars themselves, but the problem with this idea is that a shocking number of these DIYers don’t know what they are doing! I’m all for people learning new skills, but don’t let them be at the expense of your car!

If you are serious about becoming your own car’s mechanic, I  recommend that you take part in a local college course first.

You will benefit from expert tuition on the subject and can feel confident about what you are doing without breaking something – and potentially paying a lot of money to have your work “fixed” by a pro!

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