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How to Get the Audi You Desire

There are certain manufacturers that have come to epitomise luxury in the auto world and Audi are one of them. This level of quality doesn’t come cheap, however, and may seem out of the price range for many business owners. Here’s how you can still get the Audi of your dreams though.

More than Just Good Looks

Along with its national peers, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi is one of the three best-selling luxury automakers in the world. They aren’t simply about aesthetics, though, they also pride themselves as leaders of innovation in the auto industry. Many of their product lines come equipped with the latest safety features, like adaptive cruise control, assistive parking, and side assist for changing lanes.

They also offer technological features like Audi phone box, which allows your smartphone to take advantage of the roof antenna to boost its signal and reduce transmission, as well as a full-colour, heads up display with projects real-time information on the windshield. To give you a better idea of how you’re driving, these eye-level details might include your current speed, fuel level, and how far away you are from your intended destination. The latter is available in the highly reviewed Audi A8 model, which is available from LeaseCar in both hard-top and soft-top variations.

Consider All Your Options

If you can’t currently fit the model you want into your budget, you should consider your lease options instead. Leasing cars has been popular in the U.S. for a while, but only recently are we seeing it take off in the UK. It’s perfect for those who to be able to drive the latest models off of the production line without dealing with the added stress that goes along with ownership, such as keeping up with maintenance or worrying about depreciation.

You can choose to lease the vehicle on a fixed monthly fee which is calculated by your agreed annual mileage, how long you’ll need the vehicle, and the value of the specific model you’re renting. If you’re happy with your choice and want to stick with the car, many lenders also provide a purchase option. This might involve restructuring your agreement to compensate for the higher costs, or making a balloon payment at the end of your deal.

Audi recently surpassed Mercedes-Benz to become the second best-selling luxury auto brand last year. Consider all of your options so that you can go along for the ride.

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