Global Touring Cars Gears Up With 500hp V8 Compact Sedans

The fans or admirers of race will get excited by car racing which is touring all over the world in the series. The Championship of “Global Touring Car” has been conducted in Europe, DTM is performed in the Germany, Super GT is the name of championship carried in Japan and V8 Super cars is in Australia, these are just a few examples. (Yet NASCAR is not known to be a procedure, although the vehicles which are in general stocked chase ovals just where the race of touring autos is on circuits). Well, the issue is:

  • a) The touring auto championship is Not performed by every country on its own basis, and
  • b) There is a high commencing expense for sake of such championships or for overall staff as well.

This would be the main point, where the universal latest Touring Cars structure occurs.

By means of veteran driver’s coalition, it was launched and in addition to this, promoters of race also assist the series of global Touring Auto racing goals to offer teams and organizers with a crucial turning therapy to be up plus racing games also take place in their home country. There are different rules and regulations present for such type of championship which are here to be followed. Different guidelines are also received as an option to get great sponsors. To make it financially easy, different financial programs are also done to solve the problems, thus it will become more profitable for such people who want some part in it.


Different auto-vehicles are available in their own area. GTC usually consisted of a customized chassis which is manufactured by an expert Australian designer of race car named as “Paul Ceprnich”.

The first series which is occurring countrywide is booting-off later in South Africa on twelve months in fact, as well, after the series which are essentially present in different nations, even there is a World Cup speak to let the main entertainers from each sequence which are encountered for major respects. This formula is very striking and easily attracts people and car-lovers, although the time can manage it as well as encountered different issues related to it.

Exciting SERIES of NEW RACE which reasonably unites as a 500BHP priced, the V8 TOURING Cars as well as the productivity of the PROMOTERS.

– The exciting series of new race which combines 500bhp cost effectively, vehicles such as V8 touring and the profitability of the promoters.
– ITVS (full form is International Touring Vehicle Series) actually promises the admirers a revisit to the values of the authentic racing with a championship’s network all across the world.

There must be an inspiration from the Motorsport; thoughts must be driven plus the passion of the fuel of the users. In addition, it must be a chance which is for a company, red tape free of cost. It is known to be the Global Touring Vehicles’ view which is introducing the latest series of motorsport. Furthermore, this motorsport series will offer aggressiveness in return.

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