Future’s Top 3 New Car Companies

The rising demand for automobiles is pushing many entrepreneurs to come up with their own car companies. Although, there is lot of competition in the automobile sector there are new companies coming up that are ready to take up the challenge and beat some of the top players in the market. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top upcoming automobile companies that have come up with innovative and new vehicles to offer more options to the consumers.

Tesla Motors

Founded in 2003, this Silicon Valley automobile company manufacturing and sells electric cars that have been one of the popular vehicles in the market. The company initially came up with Tesla Roadster which became the first all electric sports car with the range of 245 miles per charge. The company soon launched their Model S which is a sedan that competes some of the top contenders like BMW 5 Series and Audi 6. The company also announced the new Model X which would enter production in the year 2013.


Saba Motors

San Jose based Saba Motors is also one of the upcoming automobile companies that have promised to bring out two seater electric motor vehicle like Model S offered by Tesla. The Carbon Zero Roadster by Saba Motors offer top speed of 105 mph and can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 5 seconds. Although, Saba Motors believes that they will capture more customers in the future but they have great competition from Tesla Motors.


Wheego Electric Cars

Formed as a spin out from Rough and Tuff Electric Vehicles, Wheego Electric Cars have been one of the top new automobile companies that have their headquarters in Atlanta. They have been producing the two seater electric vehicle in partnership with Shuanghuan Auto. In the United States the car is more popular as Wheego Whip. The car does offer better options to the consumers so that they can enjoy city driving without spending too much on the fuel consumption. The car can deliver speeds up to 50 mph which is good for those who need vehicle for regular use in the urban environment.


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