Ford surprises fans with revamped engine and hood on new Mustang

The latest Mustang 2018 model comes equipped with a more energy-efficient engine by doing away with the older one. In addition, the model comes with a smoother appearance thanks to a lowered hood. In place of the 3.7 liter engine, Ford has introduced a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine along with a 5.0 liter V-8 engine. This combination promises to enhance the speed of the 2018 Mustang while offering better consumption. Each engine comes with the popular automatic transmission capable of performing at 10 speed levels instead of 6 in the earlier model. As a result, friction-related energy losses are minimized with the new model.


Along with a new engine, Ford has also redesigned the Mustang with a new set of LED-based taillights and headlights. Owners will also get a 12-inch digital cluster if they opt for it. According to Joe Hinrichs, who serves as the president of Ford in the Americas, the 2018 model is the best Mustang model in the car’s 50-year history. The car has already been exhibited in Detroit, New York and Los Angeles. According to the marketing manager present at the Mustang 2018 launch, passion is a core value of the Mustang brand and that is what guides the design and engineering team whenever they introduce changes to an existing model. The company hopes the 2018 Mustang will help it to add 6 new countries to its current market of 140 where Mustang is sold.


When the Mustang was redesigned in 2015, it gained widespread acceptance and enabled Ford to boost its sales against GM and Chevrolet. At the same time, by 2016, sales of the Mustang had declined by 13 percent in the United States. The latest redesign aims to steer the course of Mustang’s sales upwards by offering more options to the consumer. The 12-inch digital cluster, for example, is something that Ford has introduced for the first time and through which it aims to offer additional color and view customization options to buyers, including a new color named ‘Orange Fury’. In addition to three original colors, owners of the 2018 Mustang will also get to customize their cars with different wheel designs. Ford has also given the 2018 Mustang a facelift from its earlier models.


The hood has been lowered by 2 centimeters which imparts a sleeker and more agile look to the car. The grille has also been redesigned for better aesthetic appeal. Despite these changes, the 2018 model retains the fundamental design philosophy from the 2015 update. The changes are not merely cosmetic. In addition to making changes in the engine, the makers have updated the manual transmission system.


The car now offers enhanced torque thanks to a double-disc clutch and flywheel system. The addition of the EcoBoost engine will also contributed to the improved torque levels in the Mustang. Owners can shift gears faster with the new automatic transmission system. Ford has also updated the transmission and injection systems in the 2018 Mustang. To improve horsepower and fuel consumption levels, the makers have added direct as well as port fuel injection. More specific details about the fuel efficiency, power and prices will be revealed by the company as the model becomes available on the market.

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