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Ford Focus – the innovative and fuel efficient car from Ford

Ford Motor Company is one of the most famous car companies in the automobile market. They are focused mainly on building a strong business that creates better products for a better world. Their innovations in the automobile industry have paved the way for new heights. You can see Ford cars across the globe and being moderately priced customer prefer to give Ford cars a try. Let’s take a detailed look at Ford Focus 2011 cars that have created a revolution in the history of the company.

Ford Focus: The complete and compact car

Ford Focus is the compact car introduced by Ford since the year 1998 and sales of this model started in Europe in the month of July 1998. Focus is introduced with the idea of replacing Ford escort in European, American and African markets and ford Laser of Australia and Asia. The second generation of Ford focus was introduced in the month of September in 2004 with a three and also a five door hatch back.  As per the focus concept the latest model was considered as a four door sedan. It was developed in Beijing by Ford Europe. The Ford Focus MK2 is larger and heavier than the processor model with an increase of 25mm in its wheel base. There has been a noticeable increase in the boot space and interior and latest features like keyless entry was introduced along with windshields that solar effect and also the adapter front light.

Reliable Features of Ford Focus

Hands free, blue tooth, voice control for audio systems and systems for controlling the climate are the additional features that comes with a MK2. Mk2’s style features almost the identical design of Ford Fiesta or Mondeo. In 2005 the new car ford Focus ST was introduced with a top speed of 225 bhp and 152mph it was one of the fastest cars of those days and times. In 2009 the second version of RS got introduced with 300 bhp and 162mph. The third generation of Focus was introduced in the year 2010. Ford came forward with releasing the MK3 worldwide as part of reliving some of the existing American models. This new model got introduced at the same time in Europe and Northern Province of America in the earlier months of 2011.

Ford Focus 2011

This exciting next generation ford Focus has got three model line up. The three models include the sporty hatch back with five-doors, the four door sedan which is sleek and finally the stylish wagon with five doors. Focus from Ford Is the significant and popular car globally and has turned to be one of favourite cars within customers worldwide for its comfort and safety standards, outstanding value and finally the great fun in driving. Differentiated by its sporty and sleek design, this new generation car comes with affordable features and technologies and features that is more than its original segment. It has excellent quality of craftsmanship, excellent fuel economy that takes this legendry ford focus to new levels.  For more details related to the all new Ford focus.

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