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10 Reasons Why The Ford Edge Is Your Perfect SUV

There are many different SUVs on the market these days. American car maker Ford hopes its new Edge SUV will captivate its target audience and be a best seller. Having taken the car for a long-term test drive, I can’t see why that won’t be the case.

So, what is it about the Ford Edge that means it could be your perfect SUV? Let me share with you ten reasons:

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It offers an innovative diesel engine

When you’re driving around in an SUV, you need to make sure your vehicle is fuel-efficient. After all; with such a big and heavy car, you don’t want to spend most of your time buying fuel for it!

The good news is that the new Ford Edge comes with a state of the art diesel power plant. The 2.0-litre TDCi comes in two different power outputs. We think the Bi-Turbo unit will be the most popular.

Automatic or manual: you decide

Another advantage of the Ford Edge SUV is that you can choose an automatic or manual transmission. The auto version features Ford’s durable PowerShift unit. While the manual is a six-speed high-torque gearbox.

Many SUV drivers out there prefer the convenience and efficiency of an automatic gearbox. But, if you’re a hardcore manual driver, Ford ha

The new Ford Edge comes with Auto Start-Stop technology

It’s likely you’ll spend a lot of time on the road waiting in traffic or stopping at the lights. As you can appreciate, an idle engine means that your power plant uses fuel while not doing much. The good news is that the Ford Edge comes with Auto Start-Stop technology. Now you can reduce your fuel consumption even more, especially if you live in a city center.

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The Ford Edge features Smart Regenerative Charging

Most people know that the alternator recharges the battery as you drive. Ford have come up with a clever method to recharge your battery even faster. And, in a more efficient way as well!

Smart regenerative charging converts wasted energy from your brakes into a usable format. That power can then get used to recharge the battery.

You’ll find it easy to buy a Ford Edge

You might not think it, but some SUVs can be hard to buy, both on the new and used markets! If you need an SUV today and don’t want to wait half a year for it, the Ford Edge is for you. You can pick one up from your local TC Harrison car supermarket, or any other Ford dealer in your area.

Adaptive steering makes driving more comfortable

I don’t know about you, but I hate cars that have heavy steering at low speeds! Ford have addressed that issue by implementing adaptive steering in the new Edge. That means the steering wheel will be as light as a feather to turn, whatever your speed.

The other benefit is that there are fewer turns needed at low speeds, such as backing into a space. How cool is that?

You can talk to the Edge thanks to SYNC 2 technology

Ford’s infotainment system, SYNC 2, lets you use voice-activated commands to do various things. For instance, you can ask the system to tell you where your nearest restaurant is. You can even play streaming music from your smartphone using the SYNC 2 system. And if you ever have an accident, it will automatically call the emergency services for you.

Adaptive lighting comes as standard

When you go around corners at night, it can often be hard to see what’s lurking nearby. Thankfully, the new Ford Edge comes with “adaptive” lighting. In a nutshell, that means the car will LED lighting to better illuminate the way for you.

The lights, in effect, follow the road. That means you can concentrate on driving instead of worrying about hazards.

Adaptive Cruise Control is useful for long journeys

When you have to drive on long stretches of road, you’ll no doubt wish to use the cruise control function of your car. With the Ford Edge, you can take advantage of its “adaptive” cruise control system.

How that works is simple. If your Edge approaches the vehicle in front too quickly, the car will slow down. That means you don’t have to keep stepping on the brakes and then reactivating the cruise control!

Cross Traffic Alert makes reversing out of spaces a cinch

Reversing out of spaces is now easier than ever thanks to the Edge’s Cross Traffic Alert system. It tells you if it detects any people, animals or objects that are about to block your path.

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