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Five Star Ford: Top Most Popular Ford Models Cars Are Here


Ford is one of the leading car manufacturing companies in the world. Some Most Popular Ford Car Models include mid-size trucks, pick-ups, and SUVs.

These vehicles are known for their classic designs, off-roading capacities, spacious cabins, and have a 4-wheel drive system available that makes them ideal for rough terrains. The engine is also very powerful, enabling the car to drive at a great speed.

Safety features for ford vehicles are also top-notch. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular Ford car models available. You can also check out this guide from Five Star Ford for more information.

The ford mustang was initially launched around 1969 and has undergone numerous upgrades to date. Both the interior and the exterior parts of this machine are made of durable and high-quality materials.

It also features an EcoBoost four-cylinder V-8 engine, a large cabin, a 5-liter engine with two transmission systems, and a 10- speed automatic and a six-speed manual transmission. Moreover, the engine produces 460 horsepower making it pretty efficient compared to most of its competitors.

This model utilizes a modern standard safety technology, something that makes it stand out among other vehicles. The exterior body is also generously styled with several powertrain options.

The engine of a Kuga has a capacity of 1.5-liter and produces about 181hp. The engine is also very powerful and great for speed. Plus, a Kuga only needs to consume about 1 liter of fuel for every 7 kilometers.

This is another top-rated machine. The Ford Focus features a stylish and sporty exterior with several shades. These shades range from race red, nitrous blue, frozen white, agate black, and more.

It also comes with four cylinders and a valve configuration which are behind its great speed. On average, the vehicle can accelerate up to a speed of 266 km/h. And thanks to its high-tech infotainment systems, you can never get bored while driving a ford focus.

Plus, the material used is of high quality. Read more

If you are looking for a good family car, the Eco Sport might be the ideal pick. The vehicle is heavily built with a spacious cabin to accommodate all your family gears.

It also comes with four cylinders, a direct injection fuel system, and an all-wheel-drive feature. The engine is all-powerful as well. With an Eco Sport, you can drive on almost any road regardless of the weather.

Rangers are known for their classic exterior design, huge cabins, and extremely powerful engine. It can easily hold huge cargo and move it a long distance.

It also features a direct injection fuel system, a 10-speed engine transmission, safety features including rear and driver’s seats airbags, pedestrian detection, and an emergency braking system. Clearly, the Ford Range is one efficient and durable machine.

The handling system in this vehicle is quite impressive therefore making it ideal for cargo and transit services. It also includes typical driver assistance, ample space to hold several items, and a comfortable interior fitted with modern high-tech features. Its 3.5-liter V6 engine is very efficient and can accelerate from 0-95 kph in a few seconds. It is also very good for off-roading.

This vehicle is more functional and practical, unlike most models. It is also surprisingly an off-roading vehicle with proper handling capabilities. The interior is mainly fitted with entertainment features to keep you entertained as you drive.

Its powerful engine makes it an absolute beast. With a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, the Ford Bronco can navigate almost all terrains. In addition, the vehicle has a spacious cabin and a silky interior.

This SUV wagon features a seven-seater and a five-seater design to choose from. It is mainly powered by a five-cylinder diesel engine and has both all-wheel and two-wheel drive options. The best part is, that you can choose to purchase either an automatic or manual engine transmission. The choice you make depends on your taste and preference.

This seven-seater SUV is another good choice for a family car. It comes with spacious cabin space, comfortable interiors, and a sleek exterior design. The outer body is built to withstand any harsh conditions Including bad weather, and poor terrain among others.

Typically, it’s made of durable and high-quality materials. The car also features great safety options like pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring. Click here to read more.


There are multiple Ford vehicle models available to choose from. But first, you need to understand the various distinct features in each model.

While Ford vehicles have so much in common, most of them differ in engine capacity, engine transmission, design, and fuel consumption.

Besides being durable and functional, these vehicles are economical on fuel. Understanding the characteristic of each model may speed up your search for the right SUV.

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