Keeping Your Expectations Reasonable on Family Road trips

Road trips will never be a completely stress-free experience, because there are so many variables to keep in mind. To somewhat combat a possible comedy of errors, we have compiled a list below of things to keep in mind when going on a family road trip.


The most important thing is to plan ahead. No matter how had you try, you will never be able to prepare yourself for possible issues, but it helps to try. Think about how you plan your schedule on a daily basis, and try to foresee how that will need to be adapted to a situation of being in the car for an extended period of time.

When traveling with small children, a routine is so important. Try your hardest to stick to the schedule they have become accustomed to; that means eating meals and having naps at the same time, as well as sticking to similar bedtimes. Attempting to stick to this routine will help with the weirdness and confusion a child might feel when their environment has been altered. Keeping with the theme of planning ahead, stick to that idea even when packing the car. Think of the objects you and your family will need while on the road, like iPads, DVD players, snacks and books for the kids, and make sure you keep those all within reach.

Blogs online will tell you of all the possible fun crafts that can be made while on a prolonged tour, and though it’s a nice idea, packing yarn, glue and construction paper into the already cramped car mind not be the best idea.  Though it may be fun to think of all the craft time you can share with your kids, or of all the activities and sights you will be able to see, the reality is that going on a road-trip is draining and you might not be able to get to it all. So take a deep breath, give up the pipe cleaners, and don’t be took upset when your kids ask to instead watch a movie on their tablet.

Family road trips should be the picturesque idea that we have built them up to be in our mind. But for the best possible experience, it is best for parents to keep their expectations realistic; better to be wary than to be a Clark Griswold, building up the experience so much until there is no way up but down.

Source: Kayser Automotive Group

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