F50 The Best Model of the Ferrari

ferrari f50That’s in blood of the people to use quickest, gorgeous and optimal cars. Ferrari the world one of the finest trader cars making company has launched F50 in 1995 to celebrate the Ferrari’s 50th anniversary. Ferrari F50 marketed as a ‘Formula 1 racingcar for the road’.


The car was designed unique for the purpose: there was a style in it. The tops of the gadget involved in a single scan of the front air intake of the rear spoiler. The F50 available colors are red, red Bartlett, yellow, black and grey.  The body material of F50 was made entirely of carbon fibre, weighing 225 lbs and at offering a torsion al rigidity of 25,677 lbs-ft/°. That’s the two seated car with 1620 mm front track. The engine-trans axle assembly was rigidly attached to the body. This V12 engineis directly evolved from the syn-chronic 3.5 liter V12 engines and used the same five valve per cylinder technology.


Known as an F1 racer for the streets, the F50 already combined many racing cars design features. The length of the situate arms was chosen to keep track and chamber changes to a minimum. The front and appear suspension had wishbones and reaction arms that act on spring and damper by way of a push-rod system. To ensure the setup and maximum precision in wheel movement over the ground, all the joints linking the suspension to the chassis were inflexible, as they are on racing cars. The hub carriers were made of a special hot-forged aluminum alloy, which produced rigidity and reduces weight.


The F50’s single-parts Speed-line wheels were made of a magnesium alloy with single-nut central attachment. The choice of a size of 18″x81/2″ at the front and 18″x13″ at the rear, was dictated by the choice of large brake discs and low profile tires. Goodyear designed a special racing-based “Fiorano” tire, specifically for the F50 in 245/35ZR18 front, 355/30ZR18 rear. The F50 has an FIA standard roll bar and 4-point seat belt attachments. The rear-wheel assembly, including titanium hubs, incorporated a Ferrari Formula 1 patent. This system reduces the number and weight of components, and allows extension of the axle shaft reducing power absorption. Only 350 models are found around the world in which 349 sold to the public and one kept in Ferrari collection.

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