DIY Car Hacks That Every Car Owner Should Know

Maintaining a car is a real life challenge when you are busy all the day picking up kids from school, going for grocery right after your office and approaching home late and tired. Probably your four-wheeler in the garage seems the most resistant for any Do It Yourself trick. But the improvements and repairs are actually working with some simple DIY car hacks that every owner should know.

DIY Car Hacks

The impossible with car cleaning, repairing and tweaking can be fixed with a little ingenuity. This way you can save a significant amount of money and your rides will be more enjoyable. The appreciation by your friends and family is supplementary when they will notice you upholding the car in such.


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Be smart and go modest with these hacks!

Fix the Hole in the Fuel Tank with Minties

The iconic candy “Minties” is the temporary fix for the hole in the fuel tank. Before you find and consult a mechanic, you can chew the minties and when they start sticking to your teeth, flatten it and place on the hole. Let it dry to prevent the leakage until you reach a workshop.

Clear Foggy Headlights with Toothpaste

Apply any whitening toothpaste on the cloudy headlights and rub the lens. Wait a while and clean it off with a cloth or water. A greasy polish can further prevent and protect it.

Ultra Clear Screen with Newspaper

Stickers and lines on the glass look irritating. All you need for the clearest wind screen and windows is lukewarm water and newspaper. The registration stickers, parking stickers and notices can also be removed. Just wet the newspaper and rub it.

Use Pool Noodle for Congested Garage Space

Does the door bang every time with the wall when you open it while parking in the garage? Take a pool noodle and cut it into two halves and nail it at the exact height where it bangs. The wall and the door will be safe from scratch the next time you get in or out.

Repair the Minor Scratches with Nail Polish

Pick the closest color of nail paint and apply it on the scratch. It is not necessary that you have the exact hue in your collection so just buy one from the superstore.

Have a Trash Bin in the form of plastic container

Reuse a cereal container or any other plastic box or can to dump the waste in the car to keep it clean and organized. Put all the food wrappers, papers or anything in it.

Car seat Organizers is great idea

They are easily available and even not every expensive but extremely useful. Car organizers are best when you travel more with kids and carry a lot of stuff in the car.

Make a Place for Extra Storage with Mesh Bungee

Use those roof handles over the seats to hook the mesh bungee in the car. It is brilliant to keep your jacket, shoes or anything above while making space for the back seat passengers. Most of the car roofs are curved and ideal for this storage option.

Remove Dents with Hot Water or Plunger

This hack is simple and money saving. Grab a plunger and use the suction to pull and get the dent out of the car. You can also do it with the help of hot water.

Clean the Car Engine with Soap and Water

While cleaning your car, also clean the engine with soap, water and ruined clothes. It will be easier to identify the problem and will be frustration free if you have a cleaned compartment.

Locate the Car with Camera

The parking areas of the malls and building are often identical and it waste a lot of time sometimes causes frustration. The simplest hack for finding the car is capturing a picture in your phone with some notable surroundings so you can reach the car quickly. There are also a number of apps in your app store to support you in hassle at parking lot.

Clean Windshield with Laser Blade

It is handy to have a covered laser blade in the car. It is effortless to clean the windshield when you have no water to clean it.

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