64 Curious Facts About Automobile Ecosystem

Human beings are considered to be the best creation of Nature, and this most advanced creature has developed a lot of facilities for life. One of which is the facility of transportation, by which humans can go to places, where they want to go. Transport or transportation is the movement of humans, animals, and goods from one location to another. Different modes of transport include air, i.e., airplane, land and roads, water, i.e., shipping and space, etc. Transportation is essential because it enables trade between people, which is necessary for the development of civilizations. When talking about means of transportation, it can be a cycle, motorbike, bus, car, airplane, train, etc. you can also consider How To Take Care Of Your Vehicle When Travelling Long Distance.

Today is the modern era. In today’s busy life, Cars are considered to be the most efficient and economical means of transport for an individual as well as for family use. Tips To Take Care Of Your Car Tires, Ensuring Your Safety And Mobility. It not only provides you with an easy way to reach your desired place in time but also maintains your privacy, when there is a plan of a family tour. In case of any car break down, what you have to do? Here is the solution. Help! What To Do If Your Car Breaks Down.

It is said, ‘there is always two aspects of a picture, good or bad’; Cars, including other means of transport, on one side, providing facilities to humanity but at the same time harming our ecosystem.

Here are some curious facts about the automobile ecosystem;

BMW group gets $128.8 billion in revenue annually, and BMW R32 was the first BMW bicycle. The primary purpose of this company was to manufacture engines for planes during World War I and II.

First Daimler produced car was sold to Sultan of Morocco in 1889. It has $206.1 billion in revenue. Its central origin started with an agreement of mutual interest signed on May 1, 1924, between Benz and Cie and Daimler Motoren

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)  gets $139.2 billion in revenue annually, and it is the first group who won the coveted European Car of the Year award 12 times. It was a highly developed company, and then the Italian company took full control over Chrysler in 2014, with a transaction cost of this acquisition was $3.65 billion

Ford Motor Company was founded on June 16, 1903. And it got $156.776 revenue in 2017. In 1966, Ford GT40 raced at Le Mans for the first time and won. Ford Uplifts The All New 2013 Ford Fiesta. Jim Morrison only ever owned one car, a Ford. You can also consider Ford Focus – The Innovative And Fuel Efficient Car From Ford

General Motors Company has $140.3 billion in revenue annually. Since 1994, General motors company has donated over $23 million in cash and vehicles to the nature conservancy which, no doubt, is a very nice step.

Hyundai Motor Company sees $80.6 billion in revenue annually. Hyundai first model released in the US was the Excel. Hyundai factory in South Korea is the most significant automotive factory in the world. Hyundai was the first automaker to offer a ten year/100,000- mile warranty.

TATA Motor has $39.7 billion in revenue annually. Three TATA trucks made an 8000-mile journey as part of the Geneva-Bombay Rally without a single breakdown in 1955. You can also consider Tata Nano – The Cheapest Car

Toyota Motor Corporation annual revenue is $281.1 billion. The Toyota Corolla Is the world top-selling vehicle, until now 40 million units have been sold, and one is sold every 27-37 seconds on average. Toyota spends $ 1 million every hour on research, making it possible to get a company to new heights In a short period.

Volkswagen group has $288.5 billion in revenue annually. The Guinness world record for most people in a single Volkswagen beetle is 57. The company produced over 100,000 cars by 1950. That indeed results of hard work.


There are a lot of improvements and advancements in the field of automobiles. The need of the hour is to use this for the welfare of humanity and avoid any misuse of these products. That will not only makes this facility, a blessing for humankind but also will improve standards of living.


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