Converting Your Garage to a Master Mechanic Shop

Whether you are looking to start a little side business for your automotive skills or you plan on tinkering with your own classic vehicle, converting your garage into your own mechanic shop can be the start of a thrilling hobby. The garage can be more than a place to park your car, and with some careful layout, you can have plenty of space to tackle your projects without crowding everything else out.

Start With a Functional Layout

If you have to work around things currently stored in your garage or you need to leave room enough to park a vehicle, your layout options might be more limited. However, you can still make the space work for what you need and potentially what you plan on investing in. Part of the problem with large, bulky storage chest or workbenches is the inability to move it to a workable location. By installing heavy-duty leveling casters on the bottoms of these items, you can move them around when your space is more open and conducive to your project.

Store Things Creatively

There are many tools and pieces of equipment that you will collect as you start to work on your car or your motorcycle. There is only so much room in a tool chest, and you may not be able to invest in more tools if you don’t have a place to put them. Consider unique storage options in your garage. Vertical shelving that moves up the wall is one way to have larger items stored, but wall fixtures such as a pegboard can be an efficient way of storing smaller, more compact items. You can even build rafter storage if your garage ceiling has enough height.

Use Multifunctional Tools

Rather than spending a lot of money on all different tools for your projects, look for purchases that can be used in a variety of ways. Some products may be more expensive because of their utility conversions, and an investment in one of these could save you both time and storage space. Also, be sure to buy good quality products. If you are trying to save money, buying a cheap tool that will see a lot of use may end up needing to be replaced more often. In the end, this won’t save you much money.

If you have been needing a space for your DIY car projects or bike repair, there is probably strong potential in your garage. Give your garage a once over and see how you can transform it into a master mechanic shop.

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