Chicago Auto Show 2013: A Detailed Review

The Chicago Auto show is the largest in North America and was first staged in 1901. Ever since then, it has been staged many times and. The current year marks 105th edition of the show. CATA or the Chicago Automobile Trade Association is one of the oldest and largest dealer organizations and has produced the Chicago Auto Show since 1935.

The show attracts thousands of car fans and auto makers from all over the country and world. This is a great platform to take a look at the latest happening sin the world of auto industry. Exhibitors can get in touch with the organizers of the Chicago Auto show and discuss how they plan to design, build and staff their displays.  CATA will of course ask these exhibitors about the products to be exhibited and the automotive related.

The participants have to follow a registration process if they are interested in becoming an exhibitor at the Chicago Auto show. If you want more information or have any questions relating to the show, you may visit the website and get in touch with their customer care.


How Chicago Auto Show help the poor?

2013 Chicago Auto Show has come up with some innovative ideas and plans to help the homeless. For example, those visitors who get 3 cans of food between Feb. 13 and 15, will get the right of admittance to the show at half the regular admission fee. The food collected will be donated for A Safe Haven, which is a program that helps the homeless and help them become self-sufficient.

A Safe Haven also promotes healthy lifestyle, Phased housing and employment for these destitute. Chicagoans will thus only get to see the most innovative car models at the show but also be a part of community development. Take advantage of the offer and bring cans of food for those homeless. You will be able to enter the show for $6 instead of the regular $12.

A Biggest Opportunity for Auto Companies

The Chicago Auto Show makes use of more than 1 million square feet of the McCormick Place complex. About 2.7 million square feet of spaces is offered by McCormick Place for the exhibit halls. An additional 700,000 square feet of space is kept for the meeting rooms.

The show will start on February 9 and go on till February 17 and the hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Visitors can buy the tickets at McCormick Place ticket booths or even buy them online at their website. The entry fee is. $12 for adults and $6 for seniors aged 62. Of course you too get to enter at $6 if you bring in 3 cans of food. There is free admission for children 6 and younger.

Overview of Chicago Show

Various area new-car dealers will be seen offering Weekday discount coupons. The participating banks will be emailing those discount tickets to their account holders. The exhibition will include a complete range of imported and domestic passenger cars and trucks. One gets to see multiple North American and world introductions that will include concept cars, experimental cars and sport utility vehicles.

More than 000 different autos will be on display at the Chicago Auto Show. The attendees will also get to see different auto-related accessories. More than a million visitors make it to the show every year and the show continues to be one of the best-attended in the world

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