Car Hacks We’d Like You to Know

In case the word is new for you, “hacks” is a term that used to indicate fun tricks that can help you solve a problem and also make your life easier. There are hacks for automobiles, and in that light here are a bunch of them:

Boost your remote’s range by using your chin

You can often increase the range of a wireless-key FOB by placing it under your chin. Sure, it seems silly but try it.  Some have said that they picked up an additional twenty feet of range by using this trick.


Use toothpaste to clean cloudy headlights

Who would have thought that toothpaste would come in handy for this? Apply some whitening toothpaste to the plastic lens cover with a cloth, then rub to all areas of the lens. Then, rinse the toothpaste off with clean water and dry.

Use steel wool to clean the windshield

You probably know the windshield-cleaning razorblade technique but there’s another one that may be better. We recommend using 0000 (four zeros) Extra Fine steel wool to clean glass. It won’t damage the glass–as matter of fact, it is recommended for the task by the steel wool makers themselves.

Opening split key rings

You know those split key rings that you have to jam a fingernail into if you want to remove keys.  Here’s a good hack; use a staple remover.  You know, those objects with large curved blades on them to extract staples.  Use those blades to open the split rings, and once they’re open, you can slide a key on the ring.

Drive out the rodents

Who knows why but rodents and mice find cars good locations to build nests.  Sometimes this is harmless but they can also wreak havoc if they start chewing on stuff.  Antioch Chrysler in Antioch, IL says an old trick is to put fabric softener sheets in the small nooks that all vehicles have because the scent of fabric softeners will drive away the rodents.

Keep Take-out Food Warm

Delivering a pizza to somebody and need to keep it warm? Why not put it on a heated seat and throw a towel or coat over it. Sure, it won’t be as hot as it was just out of an oven but it won’t hurt.

Use a Plastic Bag as a Trash Can

Tired of your car’s floor getting covered in old homework assignments, food wrappers, dirty napkins and empty water bottles?  Here’s an easy one:  hang an old plastic grocery bag on a seat back and have everyone put their trash in there.  How easy does that seem to do?!

Need additional storage? Hook a mesh bungee onto your roof handles.

Nobody uses those coat hooks in cars much nowadays so they are up for grabs.  How about stretching a bungee net across those coat hooks to make the headliner space in your car a storage receptacle?  It is actually a great solution to a storage issue.

We hope that you will find these hacks useful

Randall Evans, who is a retired mechanic, Air Force Engineer and avid automotive enthusiast. As much as he loves everything automotive, his true love rests with the building of Off- Road vehicles.

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