How Does Coolant Affect Your Car Engine?

Having a car is convenient when working far away from home. It is also a necessity when it comes to travel, nowadays. Thus, According to CarCody, you need to maintain the condition of every part of your car, especially the engine. The engine is the primary compound you must-have when you are a car. That is why you need to give so much attention to maintain its good condition.

As for today’s topic, we want to share information about a particular compound that most people use for their car engines. It is the coolant. Coolant has a crucial role that can make your engine more stable. It has a significant effect on balancing the temperature that your engine can produce. Like oil, this product is liquid-based and has a specific area in your engine to pour into.

Coolant is the best option you need to consider whenever you have trouble with your car engine. As you know, most the engine can produce an extreme temperature that might cause trouble in your entire vehicle. As a result, many manufacturers create an outstanding product that can help you to cool down your car engine situationally. Thus, it also needs proper guidelines upon use.

So, if you are curious about what coolant can do, keep on navigating this article. We include some details that can answer that question. For that reason, let us move forward and discover the things that you might not know yet about car coolant. Let’s get started and explore this article.

Negative and Positive Effect Of Coolant

This section contains the possible effect of the coolant in your car. Each of them can affect the entire engine of your car. That is why you need to understand this information below;

  • Having A Low Coolant Can Overheat the Engine

Low Coolant Can Overheat the Engine

Typically, some car engines can produce a high temperature. And a coolant is a great help to avoid overheating and stabilize enough temperature inside your car motor. Pulling the heat away is the primary function of this compound. If you don’t use coolant, it can cause permanent damage to your entire car engine. That is why you must include them in your maintenance system.

  • Blown out the Head Gasket


Providing enough amount of coolants can prevent the head gasket from blowing out. Thus, it negatively affects the engine when you have a low amount of it. You can see through it if you notice smoke emitting from the engine, a loss of power, engine knocking sounds, or decreased efficiency.

  • Shutting Off Your Car


Repairing your car parts is a heavy load on your side. As you know, maintenance can cause a fortune. What more if it shut off completely. That is why you need an excellent engine system that can provide and maintain the order. Having a low coolant can give you a headache, significantly when it permanently damages your car engine big time.

If you load enough coolant, it can help you avoid the shut down of your car. As a result, you saved yourself in a possible accident on the road. As you know, sudden shut off of your car means that you don’t have control over it. That is why considering providing a good amount of your coolant is also essential.

Symptoms Of Having Low Coolant

This section contains the possible symptoms you can see and observe whenever your coolant is low. It might be expected and similar to other problems, it might cause you trouble if you do not give your attention excellently. It includes the following;

  • The High-Temperature Gauge Is Near The Red

This gauge is designed to know when the engine is getting too hot. And having a high-temperature gauge on the dashboard is one of the symptoms of having a low coolant. The gauge stays near the center of the H and C symbols most of the time. And if the gauge is reading close to H, that is when you need to shut down the engine.

  • Malfunctioning of Air Condition System

The coolants help regulate the hot airflow into the cabin when using the vehicle’s heat. And if your car has a low coolant and your aircon is running, you might feel the hot air coming in your car’s air conditioning vents.

  • You might smell a sweet odor.

If this is the case, your coolant might leak in your vehicle. It produces a sweet smell in your aircon or under the hood. It contains glycol, a sweet liquid used to help regulate water’s freezing and boiling point. Thus, having an unpleasant odor might come from the other issue of your car. Still, it is excellent advice to go to the professionals to make things clear for your car.

Reasons Why Coolant Loss

This section contains some information about the reason why you lost your coolant. Dissimilar to the engine oil, you don’t need to check and replace coolant as often. Still, you must monitor the amount level of coolant for unexpected leakage. If you think you lost your coolant, going to your local car care expert is necessary. Radiator service and replacement might be the best option to consider.

Few ways why your coolant leaks;

  • External Leaks from radiator hoses, connections between hoses, or from the radiator itself
  • Radiator cap leak due to a faulty seal on the cap where the pressurized coolant can leak out
  • Internal leak where coolant may leak out of places such as your engine’s head gasket

If non of this is the problem, your car might have a severe issue. It is better to look for professionals who can explain and make your trouble.


It is great to have the technology to help you browse information like this. That is why we give you the details that we all know that you can navigate on this site. We hope that we have also given you the information you are looking for. We are grateful to share the knowledge about your car’s particular components and compare it to the standard condition and replace as possible.

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