Car Care in Charleston

Every car owner should change the fluids in their own car at least one time. Not only does it help the owner get to know their car better, it is good for the car. Once the owner has enough experience changing the different fluids, they can change them for their future automobiles.

Checking on car fluids can prolong the life of any automobile. It is like drinking water. The water goes through our system and gets the bad particles out. This is why it is important that we are always hydrated throughout the day. A car needs to have the proper fluids to perform different tasks during a drive. If the fluids are old, they might not work as well as newer fluids. Most people know that changing the car’s oil every so often can help it perform better. They completely ignore the other fluids though, and their cars do not last very long.


A car mechanic will know when to change the different fluids in a car. Customers can just call them and ask them if any of the fluids are bad. The best time to ask this would be during an inspection. The mechanic has to go through all of the fluids during this phase of the car’s life. Changing spark plugs and other small things can make the engine run better as well.

It is important that new car owners check the manual for their car or truck. The manual will show them which fluids need changed and how often they need changed. Checking the fluids at regular intervals is a good precautionary method to make the car last longer. It can spot major problems before they happen. To check the fluids, it is wise to put the car on a flat surface. Putting the emergency brake on is a must.

The next step would be to open the hood of the car. This is where all of the fluids are kept in a car or truck. The motor oil is easy to check at any time. It should be labeled to make it easy to find. Most cars have a yellow dipstick that will measure the quality and level of the oil. Pull this out and up to see how much oil is left in the car. If the oil is black, it might need changed. If the oil does not reach a certain level, the owner might need to add some more. The other oils should be left for the car care in Charleston shop to check. They are a bit trickier to get at.

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