BMW Group Working on Webinos Project

BMW is globally popular for producing some of the best in class vehicles that can offer comfort and luxury beyond imagination. Now, BMW is focusing on how they can improve the level of options and technologies that they offer in their cars to take the vehicle experience to new heights.

BMW Group Research and Technology experts are now working on various other technologies that can make in-car experience even better to ensure that drivers and passengers are always connected to the world using various devices. The group is working on webbing project which is funded by European Commission as part of their 7th Framework Program and BMW will display all the technologies at the Communication World  IT trade fair that will be held in Munich on 9-10 October 2012.

BMW Webinos Project

BMW Group is focusing on bringing the cloud services that will allow drivers and passengers to quickly make use of the World Wide Web and use various devices to get the information they want even when they are on the move. There are various purpose designed web browser add-ons that are created that will make the entire user experience easy and simple. The group is also working on something called personal zone and that involves all the devices and applications that the user makes use of frequently. Users can configure the devices and apps that they use and the system can connect them in a better way so that all the information is transferred and moved quickly across various devices and that makes communication better.

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