Top 5 Bike Accidents

Bike accidents are generally more common as compared to car accidents. They usually occur due to driver’s inattention and sometimes even the purposeful failure to yield the tight way to the cyclist. This is because bike does not contain any protective covering in its surrounding. Therefore the chance of dangerous injury is more in bike accidents. If anyone has been injured in any bike accident, it is important to consult an experienced attorney. Miami injury lawyers help in securing millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients against difficult odds. They help their clients in every aspect.

Bike Accidents

Below are 5 important causes of bike accidents and tips to reduce these accidents:

Inattentive Driving:

Most of the people during driving look down at their smartphones, iPods or other mobile technology. This distracts their concentration and thus results in a serious accident. Drivers age 15-30 had the highest percentage of distracted drivers. One should never indulge himself in anything during driving which will divert his attention because in this way he may face catastrophic results.

Door Accidents:

These accidents occur by running into a car door that has been opened into his path. It is the responsibility of the driver to check that no bike or any other vehicle is coming prior to exiting their vehicles. The best way to avoid such kind of accident is to move to the left. This will place you in another precarious position.



This is the major cause of bike most of bike accidents. Although bicyclists don’t ride at the speed of cars but it doesn’t mean that they should ride as fast as possible. Serious injuries and even deaths are related to speeding. Other factors like weather, road conditions should be taken into account when determine a safe speed for travel.

Fall Due to Dangerous Street Conditions:

Dangerous road conditions make it difficult for motorcyclist to control their bikes. It becomes hard in bad weather conditions and results in fall on the road. To avoid any kind of mishap always try to keep the speed slow especially on such roads. Don’t brake while you are on slippery surface. The more direct and steady you are, the more likely you are to get across it safely.

Getting  Sideswiped:

Whether intentional or accidental, getting pushed by a car on the road is the terrifying kind of crash in the city. This kind of accident usually occurs at red lights when the motorcyclist is waiting in the bike-lane on the right hand side of a car that is waiting to turn right. On green lights car make their right turn without looking the motorcyclist and thus crashes into him. In order to avoid it, you will have to alert the driver about your presence. If a car doesn’t see you try to quickly slow down and get out of the way without putting in some great danger

The Bottom Line:

Bike accidents can be reduced by following the tips discussed above. It is most important not to lose your concentration during driving.

Randall Evans, who is a retired mechanic, Air Force Engineer and avid automotive enthusiast. As much as he loves everything automotive, his true love rests with the building of Off- Road vehicles.

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