Why Now’s the Time to Sell Your Car

Sooner or later, every vehicle owner decides it’s time to part ways with their vehicle, perhaps so that they can upgrade to something newer or simply more lifestyle-appropriate.

If you have an older car, truck, or SUV that you’ve been clinging to, toying with the idea of selling, now may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Market conditions are very favorable for sellers right now, with shipping and production delays putting new vehicles in short supply. There’s a lot of pent-up demand, and selling your used vehicle may be one way to capitalize on it.

But that’s not the only reason why now’s the time to sell. There are also more options than ever before for listing your vehicle and connecting with an interested buyer. As you consider the best way to sell your car, you’ll have plenty of avenues to choose from.

There’s More Than One Way to Sell Your Car

Some of the most popular options for selling your car include:

Going to a Traditional Dealership


Auto dealers are hungrier than ever for trade-ins, which means you may make a slightly tidier profit than you would have two or three years ago. Even so, selling to a dealership typically brings modest profits. The big perk is the comfort and convenience of working with an authorized auto buyer.

Going to CarMax

CarMax has upended the traditional dealership experience somewhat, providing a slightly simpler and more streamlined way to get an offer on your vehicle. In some cases, CarMax may offer a higher price than what you’d get from a traditional dealership.

Selling on Craigslist


If you want to look for a buyer directly, and have a little more control over the price you’re willing to accept, Craigslist is probably still the way to go. Just be sure you exercise caution when interacting with unknown buyers.

Selling to People You Know

Of course, if you happen to know somebody who’s looking for a vehicle, and if you don’t mind doing business with family or friends, this is the easiest option of all. You may not be so lucky as to have an interested buyer in your circle, but it may be worth asking around.

New Ways to Sell Your Car

Beyond these tried-and-true methods for selling, there are now some even better, safer, more lucrative options. Websites like BestBid allow you to fill out an online form to receive a real, cash offer. If you decide to accept that offer, the service will send someone to collect the car and provide you with payment, often same-day. These sites are usually able to offer competitive prices, meeting or exceeding the valuations you’d get from CarMax or from traditional dealers.

The bottom line: There have never been more opportunities to sell your car quickly, easily, and for top dollar. If you’ve got an older vehicle that you’re ready to part with, the timing couldn’t be more advantageous.

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