Best Economy Cars For 2014

Nowadays options for most excellent fuel-efficient vehicles are better and more varied than such cars which were available few years ago. The options in 2012 have extended: flex-fuel vehicles, Gasoline-electric hybrids, clean diesel trucks and cars, other fuels like natural gas, as well as pure battery electric cars are now completely obtainable in the fleet. The almost every good automaker have included their own look as well as experience to make vehicles with the most excellent mileage of gas, as well as each car organizations have made advancements and yet more improvement or advancements are on coming all way. Since several vehicle shoppers experience a feel of brand devotion, so, here in this article each amazing best economy cars from every company are mentioned:


Best one present: A3 TDI,

  • Having sparkling diesel;
  • The Mpg= 30 city, 42 highway,
  • Hatchback having Four-door;
  • Lots of fun while driving


Upcoming Best: e-tron

  • The electric technology by Audi has been utilized in two idea cars up till now:
  • A low-slung sedan and a roadster sports car;
  • Small-scale production to begin


Best Available: 335d,

  • Clean diesel;
  • The Mpg= 23 cities, 36 highway;
  • Power and Great-handling in the present German sedan


Up Coming: i3,

  • Design concept which is Megacity;
  • Compact electric vehicle;
  • Predictable 93-mile range;
  • Lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber construction;
  • Estimated release in upcoming year.


Best available: LaCrosse,

  • Utilizes technology which is mild-hybrid;
  • The mpg: 25 city, 36 highway;
  • Easy luxury great sedan


Up Coming: Encore,

  • This Is small comfort crossover;
  • As well as Expected to have 35 to 40 combined Mpg;
  • Turbocharged 1.4-liter engine,
  • Engine which is Ecotec 4-cylinder;


Best available: Volt,

  • Landmark extensive range electric car;
  • Calculated whole 407 miles range;
  • Clean 36 miles electric range.


Up Coming: Cruze Diesel,

  • Clear diesel technology;
  • Great fuel economy and torque;
  • Supposed to get to the mark of 50-mpg;


Best available: Fiat 500,

  • Retro-styling is in an enjoyable and competent wrap up;
  • The Mpg: 30 city, 38 highway;
  • Huge urban maneuverability;


Upcoming: Ram PHEV,

  • Plug-in mixture;
  • 25 % mpg development;
  • Presently in testing of fleet having possible release in the year 2015.


Best available: Civic,

  • Redesigned for 2012;
  • The Mpg: 28 city,39 highway;
  • The Civic Hybrid, the Civic HF, as well as the Civic Natural Gas all hold good quality mpg as well as outstanding green Cred


Upcoming: Fit EV,

  • Ll-electric type of the great Fit;
  • Estimated the electric range:
  • Mpg= 123 city, 95 hwy;


Best Now: Optima Hybrid,

  • 5-passenger luxury sedan;
  • The Mpg: 35 city, 40 highway;
  • Electric drive, which is at the speed nearly 62 mph.


Best Coming: Ray EV,

  • Electrical city vehicle;
  • Having 86-mile of range;
  • 6-hour allege from charger of 220-volt; might adapted for the North American sale.


Best available: CT 200h,

  • Luxury 4-door rear door;
  • The mpg: 43 city, 40 highway;
  • Characteristic styling;
  • Different driving modes:
  • EV, the Eco, Sport and Normal


Upcoming: LF-LC 2+2,

  • Sport car;
  • Smooth vehicle idea said to contain the few upcoming generation of technology of Lexus hybrid;

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