Audi RS7 Sportback 2014

At last the most awaited RS7 has been revealed by the Audi in 2013 detriot auto show.The model is being awaited by the car lovers from more than two years.

Audi RS7 – An Extreme Power Engine

It is expected to be competed with the unveiled BMW M6 Gran cope.There is a 4.0 TFSI engine installed in the RS7 which will produce 560hp. The sprint from zero to 100km/h is achieved by it within 3.9 seconds however there is a new option of deactivation of the speed governor in order to permit a top speed of 305 km/h. The power plant is equipped with the standered 8-speed tiptronic transmission matched with the latest evaloution of the Audi’s quattro four wheel drive system,Ofering the choice between Drive,Sport and mannual modes.

Audi explains that the high-rewing four-liter engine has been designed for low load change in order to develop such an extreme power quickly and simultaneously. The exhaust side of the cylander head is toward inside while the intake side is located toward outside.There are two twin-scroll turbocharges, Produces upto 1.2 bars of relative boost pressure which are located together with the intercooler in the inside V of the cylinder banks.

Outlook, Interior & Exterior of Audi RS7

The four doors of RS7 are featured with fancy footwear,with standred 20-inch forged wheels or optional 21-inchers.There is a six-piston calipers stuffed behind those wheels with carbon-fiber ceramic units, that are available to those who wants the maximum stoping power under continued hard braking. Which feels like that you are going to hauling down continually 553 horsepower.

The exterior of the RS7 is deigned with a massive air dams and honeycomb style grill with a large Quattro badge affixed to the bottom and on the back side there are two oval shaped exaust tips at the outer edge. Inside the car the driver is provided with a flat-bottomed steering wheel while the passengers sit on fine leather with contrast stitching that resembles with the front grill’s honeycomb pattern.

The 3D RS logo in the tachometer is looking very attractive and there is also a touch screen for the MMI and driver information systems with sport RS badges. The driver information system contains a shift light Which indicates when the rev limit is achieved and it also include information about the boost pressure and oil temperature etc.…

Engine Quality & its Performance

Audi provides the Dynamic ride control with taut sport suspension plus as an alternative to the air suspension. It uses a three stages adjustable dampers with steel springs that are connected with one another through diagonal oil lines with a central valve. There is an other option that can also be integrated into audi drive selection is the dynamic steering with its steplessly variable steering boost and radio just like the standard electromechanical steering.

The price of this car is not officially announced yet but it is clear that the management of Audi will fix suxh a price which shall compete their competitors like Marcadese CLS63 AMG,Porsche Panamera and aston martin Rapide and will try to provide the same level of luxary and quality in low price from them however the brand name of Audi shall also be kept in mind while ascertaining price for RS7.

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