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Audi RS6 Avant – Review

Audi exposed its third generation RS6 Avant currently, which is a vital return of station-wagon. Soon than the enormous RS6 Avant generation, via V-10 twin-turbocharged, again this brand comes in an engine of twin- turbocharged V-8.  Since, output of car drops from 20 hp to about 560, however torque increases from 479 to 516 lb-ft.

Engine and Specs

The engine of RS6 is the most commanding dissimilarity to the Group of Volkswagen twin-turbo V-8 engine having 4.0-liter capacity.  This also encourages the 10 Best S6 and S7 winning (in which they are up to 420 horsepower), as well as S8 ( about 520 horsepower), plus the Bentley Continental GT ( almost 500 horsepower).

The standard model of RS 6 Avant by Audi holds great speed which is automatically restricted to 155 mph, rises around 174 mph by means of Dynamic package and via Dynamic Plus package, it would be near to 190 mph.

The engine twin-turbo V8 is present with an automatic on-off and a cut off system for cylinder, plus an 8-speed tip-tronic by shifters for paddle.

Standard Features

Different Standard features are present such as all-wheel permanent drive, air suspension i.e., adaptive and bogus alloy wheels of about 20-inch. Along with many, few choices are Sport Suspension Plus thru control of dynamic ride, energetic-steering, brakes made up of ceramic-carbon fiber, in addition, cast alloy-wheels of 21-inch are also there. Audi proposes RS 6 Avant with matte carbon or aluminum choice of selection for look packages. On the list of standard tools, there are gauges “white-face”, multifunction navigation wheel, leather become quilted besides, the seats are sporty and pedals made up of aluminums.

Security And Safety Features:


The estimated price of this amazing wagon is nearly 128,304USD.

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