Audi A6 Saloon – Review

The executive saloon market is a competitive one and there are a number of superb automobiles to choose from. Unsurprisingly, it is BMW, Mercedes and Audi leading the pack with the 5 Series, E-Class and A6. These models have many similar attributes, such as low running costs and a comfortable ride, but the Audi A6 edges the competition in a few areas.

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First, there is the A6’s magnificent interior which is reason alone to select this model. Audi is known for creating high-quality interiors which many owners describe like sitting in your own lounge. The usage of plush materials, upmarket instruments and the MMI infotainment system creates a luxury feel inside and this is furthered by the amount of space (even though the new version is smaller than the old A6).  Outside the car, the A6 has Audi’s trademark sleek yet conservative look that will appeal to both families and executives.


Another area where the A6 shines is behind the wheel. The saloon range has a selection of efficient engines to choose from, with most of the saloon range using either a 2.0 or 3.0-litre diesel between 188 and 316 bhp. There are ones well suited to those looking to keep running costs down, whilst those with a need for speed will love the petrol S6, which has a blistering 0-62 speed of just 4.4 seconds.


Despite being a largish car, the A6 is surprisingly agile and this is thanks to the usage of lightweight metals. The steering is precise and involving and it offers superior grip to its rivals (this is thanks to power sent to the front axle or all four wheels instead of rear-wheel drive). The build quality ensures that it is quiet and peaceful for motorway driving, whilst the agility and precise steering make it more than capable in and around the city.

Additional Cover and Checks

As with any automobile purchase, it is highly recommended that checks are carried pit and that you obtain adequate cover. An HPI Check will ensure that the car has no hidden past to be aware of and this will provide peace of mind. It is also recommended that you obtain GAP Insurance – this will bridge any shortfall between an insurance payout and the amount outstanding on your finance agreement if the car were to be stolen or written off.

The Audi A6 is a fantastic executive saloon that edges the tough competition thanks to its classy interior and great driving performance. This makes it a great choice for many types of motorists.

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