At VW’s Mexico plant, the biggest car factory in North America still has room to grow

For different automakers in the Mexico who actually love to manufacture vehicles in the Western side, as Mexico is known as a great highlighted spot for car manufacturing, as well as it offers trouble-free shipping to lots of countries by means of trade deals which are free. So, Mexico is considered as a best option.

Mexico is considered as a total chaos and disorder place. After noticing certain things, capability of Volkswagen present away from Puebla, in America, the major manufacturing plant of car is present as well as the 2nd largest facility of Volkswagen in whole globe, known to be an international order paragon, sanitation, in addition organization.


Furthermore, only it might get huge by relying on whether Volkswagen selects Mexico or Tennessee for the upcoming full-size SUV. They have to check every aspect.

At moment, Volkswagen have to make a decision that where and how to create a SUV for 7 passenger in the upcoming few years, plus how to showcase its manufacturing strength, it conveyed a half-reluctant and small journalists group to the Puebla from show of Detroit car scheduled an Aero-Mexico plane of charter. Following are some of the points which are mentioned below:

  • The 50th anniversary of the organization is conducted.
  • The Group of VW might spend around $7 billion by year 2018, in the North America.
  • All the way from here to the Golf, Volkswagen’s car for flagship might create in the Puebla, within the previous week.
  • Furthermore, Volkswagen creates two Jetta reports of the factory with the Beetle plus the Beetle cabrio.

In morning, we paid for facility of the touring. First of all, they take us to their own training institute which is considered as their house. At this point, hundreds of the students from high-school of Mexican who were doing or working recurring tasks of electronics, as well as a small number of blessed-ones were directing an arm of the robot. The plant of Puebla has accommodated about 5,000 children from such organization; lots of them are working on their own organization.

This school contains 3 principles: Order, Discipline, and in last Cleanliness, and these principles must be followed by the students if they want to live there happily. The director of school stated that for them it is essential to get to understand that in 8 hours. How much of them will go through this cycle, additionally if students do not follow these rules, they will be removed from our plan.

In the other parts of the factory anyone can notice several facts about the plant of the Puebla. It offers employment to almost 15,000 people. Around 12,000 of the employers are working in the department of manufacturing. The free rides of bus are offered to them, Volkswagen politeness, to the workers of every shift. Cafeterias are also present for food stuffs. They have offered great facilities to their students as well as to loved ones.

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