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Alternative Ways to Commute To Work Without A Car


The pandemic brought with it many problems over the last few years, a lot of which we have started getting over, however the one major issue that is still affecting us and may even keep getting worse is the effect it has had on the economies all over the world.

The global recession and the ever increasing inflation has forced us to question the standard of living we have been accustomed to. Are we really going to be able to live the same way anymore?

Just because we might have to give up or cut down on a few luxuries does not mean it is the end of the world! Solutions to most problems already exist; we just have to be willing to look for these solutions.

Fuel prices for example are making it harder and harder to commute; no worries! Here are some alternative ways to commute that can help you cut down your fuel costs.



If your work is not that far – or even if it is – investing in a bicycle right now is a great time! The bicycling community is a very inclusive one, and there is absolutely no harm in getting in the extra exercise that your work is making you miss out on.

The best part about cycling is that there is absolutely no fuel cost! The maintenance of a bicycle is not that expensive either, and it is an environment-friendly way of travelling.

Moreover, cycling to work will be an adventure on its own! You can also learn about the different health benefits cycling has; you can also explore the different ways you can use cycling to benefit your body, for example the benefits of cycling while standing up are worth checking out.



Similar to cycling, this is an environment-friendly and a healthy way to get anywhere, however if your work is very far away from your house, this may not be a very practical solution. If your work is close enough to walk to, or perhaps the bus stop is at a walking distance, do consider getting those steps in, as the benefits of walking on physical as well as mental health are plenty!

Ride sharing


Of course, if your workplace is quite far, the best solution is ride sharing or carpooling. In addition to using apps like Uber and Lyft, you can always find a group of people who have a similar destination and starting point as you to carpool with.

This way, you can get picked up from your home without having to walk or cycle anywhere, and can save more than half of what you will be spending when driving yourself.

Similarly, if you love to drive and want to use your own car to commute, consider offering your own car as the one everyone pools into.

All you have to do is leave slightly earlier than you normally would, pick up your colleagues, and go to work in a cost-friendly and environmentally friendly way!

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