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Reviewing the Alpina D5 S: The Twin Turbo

Alpina D5 S

It is not just another tuner car rather the Alpina D5 S is the master of fast diesel and high performance car. The average looking car has an elegant body and some upgrade features that make it special.

Alpina D5 S

The Comfortable Ride

Other than ride and drive the car is comfortable for the passengers in terms of seating and features.

The Engine

It has the twin turbo 3-litre based on 530d and 322bhp that makes a great engine. The refined structure and decent sound of the car in economical rates is a blessing. It hits 62mph in 4.9 secedes from the halt. The top speed of the Alpine D5 S is amazing and the eight speed options. This automatic gear car send the power to all wheels and make the ride smooth.

The ride is surely fast delivering high performance. The comfort and quite drive of the car is legal and sensible.

Handling of Alpina D5 S

The gearbox, powerful steering, distributed wheel power and adaptive dampers make this car handling easy and smooth. The auto gear eight speed is a masterstroke.

The Inside

The interior of the car is soothing with the leather seats and perfect trimming and stitching. The front seat, spacing, stereo and every other element of interior of the car is brilliant.


The Alpina D5 S is economical choice to buy. May be you do not find it extraordinary in terms of experience but must be special and a good selection.

Featured Image Source: bmwblog

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