A guide to buying mag wheels in Australia

Magnesium alloy wheels are a synonymous with quality and performance. They drastically improve the overall appeal of a car while providing a lighter yet stronger wheel support for the vehicle as well.

Magnesium alloy wheels are generally referred to as mag wheels and are commonly found on high performance cars. For those looking to get their car fitted with a superb set of mag wheels, then understanding how to properly buy them is crucial. Below is a general buying guide for those looking to purchase mag wheels in Australia.


Mag Wheel Buying Guide

Where to buy them?

You can purchase mag wheels online or even offline. Additionally you can buy new or used mag tyres. If you are looking for cheap wheels, then consider buying second hand mag wheels as they still provide great performance and overall appeal at a much lower price!

Getting the right fit

Mag wheels are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Additionally the number of bolts and stud sizes will vary from car to car. This means you have to understand how to properly measure everything before you purchase your wheels.

Centrebore – this is where the hub of wheel fits onto and needs to be an exact fit.

PCD – this is the pitch circle diametre and is the diametre of the circle created by the bolts around the wheel.

Offset – this is the distance from the wheel to the line created by the body of the car. Some offsets can be positive, negative, or even zero.

Bolts – it is crucial that you make sure you have the correct number of bolt holes for your new set of mag wheels. If you don’t have the right number of bolt holes you can’t fit the wheel on properly and you will have to get a new set altogether.

Choosing your style

Now that you know all the specifications for your car you can then begin looking at the styles of mag wheels available. There are three main styles: spoke, drop, and rotator wheels.

Spoke – these are your traditional tyres and generally have five spokes or more to maintain proper stability.

Drop – drop wheels is where the centre of the wheel actually is recessed so it creates depth and a 3D look.

Rotator – rotator wheels are also called spinning wheels and it is where there are two parts to the wheel; the rim and the centre. The centre rotates freely and is propelled forward when the car comes to a stop so it spins.

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