2014 Pontiac GTO – Review

An American vehicle, the 2014 Pontiac GTO is constructed by General Motor’s “Pontiac Division” since 1964 to year 1974, and by subsidiary of GM Holden in the Australia year 2006. In the eras of 1970, it was known as classic strong car. Though muscular cars were only available in early time, it is intended by many competitors to give away such models which can hold car world.

Basically, The Pontiac GTO was an abuse of General Motor (GM) policy restricting the A-body midway line to an extreme displacement of engine around 330 cu in 5.4 Liter. Meanwhile, for the Pontiac Tempest, an option package was the GTO and it is not known to be a standard tool for use, might consider as existing in the policy of a dodge.


Specifications of 2014 Pontiac GTO Engine

The American’s hearts are filled with this amazing project of the development of 2014 Pontiac GTO, the engine is about 6.2-liter V8. General Motors would definitely access many ways to offer such power-train stone. Only this model is resembled to latest Hemi showed by Dodge in reliable V8 capacity, however in few models, V8 capacity is not obtainable. Through 614 horsepower, almost any equipment present in the 6-speed manual standard is suitable for gliding nearly SUVs and done on 2 lanners. The drop-rocket equipment is also in it to give proper road grip. The navigation wheels are so comfortable as compared to previous version.

Release Date

The authentic info about this car’s release is not available anywhere. If we access different updates of GTO on internet, limited specifications’ information is present only. However, certain rumors are also associated with this car in the form of prediction is available. But, commercials are displayed everywhere without release date and only emphasizes on its features.

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