2014 Dodge SRT Viper

The 2014 Dodge SRT Viper is known to be an ideal legend. Actually, Luxury starts through a continuous supply of power. Dodge SRT Viper offers out-class performance by means of all day usefulness and accessibility. A powerful and dominating V-10 engine offers an uncomplicated 640 hp at rpm of 6,150 as well as 600 splendid pound-ft of torque at rpm of 4,950. It is one of the most highly accelerated cars among many others in present auto world.
The exclusiveness comes as standard with each 2014 dodge SRT Viper will make you separate, in any motorized gathering. The heritage of high-performance is honored by Viper via classic frame and side ports are of gill-shaped, a lengthened roofline and broad density. The hood is made up of carbon-fiber, roof, door panels are of aluminum and lighter than last models plus air-extractors on hood benefit in cooling the V-10 powerful engine.


Supercar Grand Touring qualities superiorly stop power. The 2014 Dodge SRT Viper is furnished with vented rotors of 14-inch front and back as well as leading in industry “Brembo”four-piston calipers present on each corner. The SRT Dodge Viper GTS options StopTech which can cut down weight up to one third.

The 2014 SRTDodge Viper travels and grips like anything you have driven ever. Sense the suspension which is race-tuned showing performance of springs, gas is charged. Bilstein is aluminum-body dampers, and over front and back tubular bars of stabilizer. Dynamics of Viper offer exact control of confidence-building via turnpike to track the day, and all over the place between it.

SRTDodge Viper also SRT Dodge Viper GTS is calculated for distinguishing drivers who sense that the start of the journey is important like the end. The interior of this model is so luxurious and features include: best touch points, craftsmanship which is world-class and having upgraded technologies.

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