2013 Toyota Sienna 500 – Review

The Toyota Company always produces cars, just to get up in the manufacturing business. But, nothing can beat this little minivan when it comes to hauling. Like all minivans, this one also offers spacious capability to store cargo and material. But, it doesn’t have too much to offer in terms of convenience while seating and comfort also in terms of luxury. Despite those factors, it has extremely good hand ability and access, with fuel and engine factors.


Sienna had a lightweight engine, which made driving smooth and fast. With four cylinders over at roster, and good fuel mileage, it’s a good vehicle. However, its capability spread far more than the V6.The Sienna had quite a lot of variety to offer in terms of the trims and wheel spin. However, the Sienna had the basics on the ground, and was able to provide a smooth and quiet ride. Some people will be happy to know about the recliner and relaxingly luxurious features that the 2013 Toyota Sienna 500 has to offer.


The minivan category of vehicles has different types and varieties to offer. Some of which that particularly aim for a certain factor, such as space, speed, engine, fuel, luxury, comfort, navigation and smooth driving experience. A good minivan is able to offer most if not all of these factors, with having to compensate on some of them.

Mechanics & Design

The Sienna has 17 inch long alloy wheels, coupled with sliding doors and rear open windows. It has remarkably three way air conditioning, telescoping wheel. All of which have come together to make it an exponentially good minivan vehicle which offers a lot. Its mechanics are that which cannot be easily run down or tarnished by too harsh over use or the use of it over long lengths of time.

Standard Features

The standard features of the Toyota Sienna have 3.5 V6 engine with 266 hp. The six wheel automatic overdrive transmission, electronic stability, driveline traction control, aluminum wheel, airbag occupancy sensors, side seat air bags, and much more minute features that are too minor to mention on text.

The automatic wheel controls all accessibility to new car users which are not so experienced. It also perfectly fits with amateurs and people with low navigation idea. However, it offers convenience to professional users. The overdrive transmission and electronic stability – are both features that provide more user-friendliness and ease of understanding. The air bags, are located for obvious safety purposes.

Conclusion and Review

As with all vehicles, this minivan this one also received a slightly mixed review from the audiences. Some buyers commented that it was worth what they gave in, and it turned out much better than expected. Whereas others, complained that the Sienna minivan was like many other minivans they had previously experienced with little details added to it. However, it should be kept in mind – that the driving experience of the Sienna is highly distinct in most matters as compared to other minivans and other such vehicles.

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