2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid – Review

The Ford C-Max was produced in 2003, especially for the European Market. Later, Ford introduced C-Max Hybrid in the United States in 2012. Although C-Max was available only in Europe, the first generation was partially available in New Zealand. After the introduction of Galaxy and large S-Max and MPV’s, the C-Max is known to be the smallest multipurpose vehicle out of the entire Ford’s Lineup.


Ford C-Max – Model Review

Ford developed the C-Max Hybrid with the plan to become “America’s most affordable hybrid utility vehicle.” The gasoline-electric hybrid model base pricing starts at only US$25,995, which includes destination as well as delivery
It is disheartening when the company that you support, have faith in or have grown to admire, tends to have fraudulent claims. Ford is one such company, and their claims about the Ford C-Max Hybrid fuel’s triple 47 mpg- were not true.

Consuming Features

It was after some vigorous tests in December 2012 by Motor trend, in which the result came out to be quite good however not so true. The results that were carried out were far below from what Ford fuel claim was. The C-Max hybrid especially, ended up going only 37 mpg or even 38 mpg on the highway.

Even the Consumer Reports reported that the overall fuel economy for the C-Max Hybrid is completely off by 10 mpg, it was representing a difference of about 20%. The consumer magazine even said that there in general, fuel economy results are more often than not quite close to the EPA’s combined-mpg estimates, and among the current models tested, more than eighty percent fall inside 2 mpg margin.


Pros & Cons – Overview

Furthermore, the Ford C-Max Hybrid spokesperson defended the car’s fuel claim by stating that the mileage differs due to varying driving manners, driving conditions and other environmental factors.

However even, after such claims, the Ford C-Max remains as the most smart and economical decision that one can take, during such times. This vehicle gives its customers the space as well the fuel economy that they require.

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