10 Safe Driving Tips

Are you all set to take a driving test?

Have you ever tried an online testing site?

Do you know the basics of safe driving?

Well, many people complain us about getting shoddy scores while taking an online driving test. There are two basic reasons for it.

  • You were not well-prepared for it.
  • Your test site was a scam.

Don’t worry, we have the solutions to both the squeezes; read carefully the below mentioned top ten “safe driving” tips and join www.bookyourpracticaltestonline.com for a scam-free, reliable driving online test.
Now chew over all these tips as they will profit you in catechism.


1.    Check your Carriage’s health

Safe driving is more about your vehicle than you. Why? Since, an expert driver could tackle a broken vehicle (sometimes) but a wreck could never assure the safety of a driving expert.
Bear in mind, vehicle is just a machine totally dependent upon you, if you keep it strapping, it will not harm you but if you ignore, it would certainly become dangerous for you.
Check its tires, brakes, tread and everything else. Try to keep its health as you take care of your own.
Never go out if your car shows some signs of bad health. Do not even ignore the broken mirrors or headlights in it.

2.    No absent-mindedness or distraction

Your car is good enough to ride on but of no avail if you are absent-minded or distracted while driving it. It is the foremost condition needed for the drivers to remain alert and disorder-free: do not use mobile phone, iPod, and tablet or watch television intently while driving.
Do not distract your mind even in other things for instance try not to drive while you are drunk or enraged to avoid crashes.

3.    Keep one lane

Try to keep a lane and do not change it unnecessarily and keep eyes on those who do for a safe journey.

4.    Look for blind spots

If you see some blind spots appearing either accelerate or slow down to let them pass or run away from them.

5.    Road Rage

Researchers say that road rage increases when drivers make eye contacts. Neglect other drivers and focus on your automobile.

6.    Swerve if possible

Swerving is an important rule for road driving. Do it to rid from any mishap if nothing could be done.

7.    Never Speed Up

Speeding up is nothing but a mere show off. Thwart it as most of the accidents occur because of speeding. Moreover, do not go near bad drivers.

8.    Keep distance

Keeping distance from all the other wheels on road is essential to shun the possibilities of a misfortune. Stop tailgating and make it your rule and follow it.

9.    Make sure you wear seat belt

Seat belts are for your protection. Always wear them and tell the other passengers to put them on as well.

10.    Be cautious in hostile weather

Hostile weather is never suitable for piloting, desist it, otherwise be extra careful about it. Slow down your car and move by keeping a good distance from other wheels.

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