A Guide to Shipping Auto Parts Internationally

If you’re interested in the auto parts business, you would be dealing with much of international shipping. Shipping car parts internationally is more than moving parts intra- or inter-state, so many things are involved. From packaging and shipping methods to customs regulations and fees, we cover it all here.

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Truck Accidents
Automotive TipsTrucks and Trailers

Truck Accidents- Risk Factors Every Driver Must Be Aware Of

Auto accidents are common, and even the best drivers are at risk. Some mishaps happen due to another driver’s negligence, and you cannot avoid them, no matter how conscious you are. Truck accidents are the most daunting among road mishaps because the sheer size of the vehicle makes them dangerous. The statistics of severe injuries and loss of life in such mishaps are alarmingly high. The worst part is that the cost of the injuries and damages can run in thousands.

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Car Buying Tips

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Car in Kenya

If you’re in the market for a new car, you’ll want to read this comprehensive guide from We’ll tell you everything you need to know about buying a car in Kenya, from negotiating prices to getting the best deals on financing.

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Alternative Ways to Commute To Work Without A Car

The pandemic brought with it many problems over the last few years, a lot of which we have started getting over, however the one major issue that is still affecting us and may even keep getting worse is the effect it has had on the economies all over the world.

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2012 Used cars

Best Possible Ways to Sell Your Used Car

Most people in Kerala don’t use cars for long years; they want to sell the old ones and purchase a new one because several latest models arrive every year. The population of Kerala is about 34.8 million as of 2011. People in Kerala are mostly Malayalis, and they speak the Malayalam language.

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Popular Cars in Australia
Autos Reviews

10 Most Popular Cars in Australia

New cars are released daily, with manufacturers trying to outdo each other in terms of style, performance, and luxury. There’s so much choice that knowing where to begin when looking for a new car can be challenging.

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