Ways you can Save Money on your Car Insurance

Any driver will appreciate the importance of having car insurance. Aside from the obvious legalities involved with having a policy, there’s also the need for your car (and yourself) to be protected should the worst happen.

Unfortunately, many drivers out there – particularly young and first time drivers – can struggle to find decent cover at a price they can afford. While it’s true that premiums are at a notable high at the moment, you’ll be pleased to know that there are ways for you to help lower costs. So if you are looking for more affordable car insurance, regardless of how long you’ve been driving, read on to find out some of the ways you can save.


The Right Car

Starting at the beginning, the car you want to insure can have a huge effect on your quote. Obviously, we can’t all be lucky enough to have brand new, state-of-the-art cars and will need to look into the used markets, but by taking certain factors into account when buying can help you cut costs.

This can include:

  • Age of the Car: The newer the better, as the more modern technology and design of the car can be safer and more favourable to insurers.
  • Lower Mileage: Fewer miles means less wear and tear, which to an insurance company means improved safety.
  • Engine Size: Smaller engines are invariably cheaper to get covered.
  • Clean Driving History and Full Service History and MOT: Demonstrates the car is in a trustworthy and safe condition.

Using Technology

Some companies such as AXA.ie for instance, can offer telematics technology. For the uninitiated this is where they install a small device into your car which monitors your driving, subsequently bringing costs down significantly. Insurers keep track of, your speed, driving style and how often you drive which some insurers then score you by, offering price-cut incentives for safer driving.


A very simple thing to do is to lower your anticipated annual mileage in your policy. This won’t make massive savings but can still go a little way to helping you make savings.

Established Insurers

This might sound obvious but there’s a reason why established insurance companies are so successful, because they want to look after their clients. Scour the price comparison sites or simply call them to see what deals they can offer you. Sometimes a simply approach like this can be the best option.

So, be sure to take on board some of this advice and you could soon be affordably covered and on the road in no time.

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