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Jetta Hybrid Breaks SCTA Land Speed Record

Hybrids are soon becoming popular all over the world for the kind of fuel efficiency that they offer. However, many car buyers believe that hybrids are not as racy and performance oriented as the conventional vehicles. Volkswagen recently decided to bring out the Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid that has managed to break the speed limits set by various other hybrids in the market.

Volkswagen has said that Jetta Hybrid has become the world’s fastest hybrid in the world and the vehicle has broken the Southern California Timing Association land speed record. Volkswagen said that this class is usually for cars with engines of less than 1.5 liters that also uses forced induction.

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Honda Teams Up with Clean Energy Fuels Corp

Hike in gasoline prices is driving the world crazy and therefore more and more users across the globe are now looking for alternative...

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Why Subaru XV is Currently the Top Selling Car in Switzerland?

There is no doubt that Swiss car buyers are really conscious and passionate about the vehicles they buy and therefore many of them are...

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Ford Uplifts the All New 2013 Ford Fiesta

Market survey for 2013 Ford Fiesta Ford has been focusing on how they can invade the European and Asian markets in a better way and...

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Buick Cars

Top 3 2013 Buick Cars Launched This Year

Car manufacturers around the world are very conscious about the kind of vehicles they introduce in the market because of the highly...

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2013 Jaguar’s new F-type sports car

Jaguar’s new two-seater sports car is called F-type and it is set to make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June...

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Mercedes W 196
Classic CarsTop 10

Top 10 Classic Cars of 2012

It’s the nature of the people to use the unusual, stylish and uncommon things. Classic cars are one of the rare things for whom...

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Zenvo ST1
Top 10

Top 10 Sports Cars

After the invent of the combustion engine, men started playing with automobiles to see how fast they could make them run. It is in everyone...

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