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2014 Kia Forte 5-Door Hatchback – Review

Kia exposed its new creation at Chicago Auto-Show, including an effective 201 hp turbocharged version.

Lineup Models

  • Kia Forte LX ($16,000)
  • Kia Forte EX ($18,000).

Debuts with a new turbo

Kia 2014 was launched as a four-door sedan but later, Forte 5-Door also joined the lineup. The new 5-Dor Forte’s useful hatch bag, great turbocharged SX trim, comprehensive headlights, 18-inch wheels and strong powerful body makes it a tough competitor and a threat in the section.


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2013 Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept – Review

In the North American International Auto Show, 2013 a latest concept by Volkswagen was exhibited. It is the 2013 Volkswagen CrossBlue SUV concept. It is a special edition for Canada and America. It is developed to enhance the VW lineup of 5.0 meter seven-passenger average-sized SUV. Right now, Volkswagen has only two sport utility vehicles: Tiguan and Touareg.

Major Features in a nutshell

CrossBlue concept is featuring the most advanced “plug-in” hybrid systems such as TDI Clean Diesel, double E-motors, “Propshaft by wire” and a dual-clutch transmission. It is a four-wheel drive with a combined fuel economy of 89 MPGe (in hybrid); while in diesel maneuvering its economy reduces to 35 mpg combined. CrossBlue goes to 100 kms by consuming 2.1 liter of fuel, as per the test results suggest.


It is a truly muscular sled that has power up to 225 kW and 700 Newton Meters of torque; it hits 60 mph in 7.2 seconds which is just not remorseful. The pivotal benefits affiliated with 2013 CrossBlue are mentioned here:

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The importance of using the right tool for the job

When it comes to engineering it is absolutely essential that the right tools are available so that the job can be done properly. Engines are incredibly complex, and if the proper tools are not used then it can become very difficult to complete the job, however more importantly it means that irreversible damage could be done to the engine which would not be a good situation. A good engineer will always have all of the tools readily available so that they can work quickly, efficiently and also safely.


 One example of the importance of having the right tool is for the removal of bearings from an engine, as you will find pressure-set bearings in certain engines which sit very tightly and are hugely important in keeping the engine working properly. As they sit so tight in the engine, it means that a specialist tool needs to be used to extract them, and any other attempts could be futile but more importantly do serious damage to the engine. This is why bearing pullers are such an important tool for engineering, and there are a wide range of these pullers which can be used to get the job done. It is important that you research what bearing puller can be used on the engine or machine you are working on however, as not all pullers can be used on all engines (this information can usually be found in the repair manual).

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Car Buying Tips

Car Recommendations Based on Fact

As soon as you mention to somebody you are purchasing a new car you will get more unsolicited advice on what make and model and from where than you ever wanted. The internet will give you hundreds of blogs with reviews, and car expert best pick lists. Consumer Reports and car buying sites will give you loads of data based on industry reports and track records. The plain truth is you will have far more information thrown at you than what you can possibly use and then it is left to you to decide which to believe and trust.


The first step in the process of choosing which vehicle is deciding what is important to you. Hundreds of comparisons on fuel economy do not matter a lot if the car is for occasional use and a 2 mile commute to work. While better fuel economy is good, it has nowhere near the value to somebody driving 4000 miles a year as it does to somebody driving 20,000 miles per year. Why bother stating the obvious? Because all of the official review sites take weight things according to what their expert panel told them was most important. What is most important to their expert panel may have little bearing on your needs. This means their “Top 10” list may not be in your top 25 when assessed by your priorities.

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Driving Tips

Driving Aids for the Disabled

Physically disabled people – whether those who were born disabled or those who suffered an injury or accident later in life – can find themselves greatly restricted when it comes to travelling from place to place. Simple tasks most people take for granted – like boarding a bus or taxi, or driving a car – can be an arduous activity that sadly can leave many disabled people stranded, unable to travel as freely as their able-bodied peers. Yet there are an increasing number of ways and means that help disabled people travel freely and easily, whether by public transport or private vehicle.


The Equality Act 2010, passed by the UK government, ensures that transport must be accessible to all users regardless of physical disability. This was an important step in making sure that disabled people in the UK had open and fair access to all kinds of vehicles, including buses, coaches, trains and taxis. In fact, almost all buses brought into service after the year 2000 have been required by law to incorporate numerous features designed for aiding disabled passengers, including handrails, priority seating, low floor entry doors and space for wheelchairs.

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Jeep Subcompact 2013 – Review


Mike Manley is the CEO of our cherished Jeep, at Geneva Motor Show words slip out of his mouth at their forthcoming project. The new project is about the initiation of a subcompact B segment Jeep by the end of 2013.

Manley further told that Fiat and Chrysler are cooperating to create their new masterpiece. With the inauguration of 2014, its sales and marketing will dawn as well around the globe.


Under the Hood

The most important thing of a vehicle is its engine and other functional units. 2013 Jeep subcompact is rumored to be inspired from Fiat’s engine and therefore, borrowing it. It will convene in Italy, according to the sources.
If it is true then get ready to enjoy your future excursions on a 1.6-Liter or 1.3-Liter JDTm diesels, plus a 1.4-Liter Multiair gasoline mill.

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