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Ford to end Australian manufacturing in 2016

The Ford said it will end its Australian manufacturing operations on October 2016. The chief executive Ford announced it in May and revealed the losses of A$141m after tax in the last year.

He told the press that decision because local manufacturing is being driven by more and more challenging market conditions. Australia has sales of 1.1 million new vehicles and customers have approach to more than 65 brands and 365 models and it has made Australia one of the most crowded automotive markets in this world, and strong currency makes it harder for domestic car companies to fight with inexpensive imports.


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10 cars with the most safety complaints

The National Highway Traffic Administration has filed under 30,000 complaints about their cars. Most of the problems the people are facing are with the car’s brake, power trains, handles, controls etc.

The most complained car was Mini with 646 complaints per 100,000 cars. These top 10 cars with the most safety complaints are based on NHTSA report published by for 2012.

10. Hyundai

Hyundai is on number ten with the least complaints. The least complaints has made the sales rate of the car on rise from many years.


The Sonata model gets the most complaints and more than 1,000 complaints were filed. The common issues the people complained about were related to power trains, interior hardware and electronics, seat belts and air bags.

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Autos ReviewsMitsubishi

2013 Mitsubishi Lancer – Review

The car is sporty yet efficient. The 2013 Lancer is masked as a four-door sedan and impresses us with its wonderful trim options and outstanding handling the car is available as a hatchback with four engines and three different transmissions. This car is better then Mitsubishi Lancer Evo The best trim level offers all-wheel drive and fuel economy for a standard Lancer is low as 17 city and 22 highway.
The car is five-seats and has enough front and rear space. However, according to reviewers the cabin’s design is quite boring and materials are cheap. The car lacks standard features like air conditioning, Bluetooth and a USB port.

Outlook and Design

The front of this Mitsubishi Lancer is loaded with air intakes and outlets and keeps the engine cool. The designing of the exterior is aggressive overall. The exterior also has exhaust pipes and diffuser that surrounds the pipes and help to clean up the airflow. Heat extractors give the ride a purposeful look.


Get inside this sporty and you will find yourself sitting on RECARO racing seats, they keep you safe from being thrashed. However they are not comfortable and you will get tired quickly.

The steering wheel is leather covered and the big tachometer is placed near the steering wheel. The pedals contain aluminum coat and keep your feet from slipping off. The materials used in the interior is cheap and not worth talking about.

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Autos news

Toyota recalls 242,000 Prius, Lexus hybrid over brake issues

Toyota is taking back 242,000 Lexus and Prius hybrid cars due to issues in their braking system. The cars they are recollecting are those who made between March and October 2009. This is the third recall from the company under this year. Toyota is now used to it, maybe!

Toyota said it had received 90 complaints from the owners of the car, they required to step more heavily on the pedals now and the flaw was permitting nitrogen gas to escape into the brake fluid and were reducing the effectiveness of the brakes. Particular parts in the braking system are made of delicate material that could break under pressure, according to Toyota. The company said it will repair those cars for free.


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Nissan Plans to Sell Self-driving Cars by 2020

Nissan, a leading brand in commercial vehicles, since its inception in 1911 it has been streaming the innovation from heavy body General Motors to Nissan LEAF electric cars, 2010 and the pronouncement to market the first ‘Autonomous Electric Car’ by 2020. The company formerly marketed the vehicles under the “Datsun” brand name. Through the globalization in almost every industry the Japanese oriented Company had also decided to expand and first merged with Austin Motor Company, US in 1934 and manufactured its first collaboratively designed vehicle Datsun model 16 in 1937.

Kwaishinsha Motor Car

Masujiro Hashimoto originated ‘The Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works’ in 1911 and in 1914 the company designed and manufactured its first car, entitled DAT. The dynamic vehicle company in a transition to convalesce from the technological vacuum by the war years, Nissan has accomplished a technical association with Austin Motor Co. Ltd.


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Car Buying Tips

New Cars from BMW: How to Buy the Best One?

Car buyers all over the world are constantly looking out for new cars that can offer them better driving experience. While there are some consumers that usually try out different brands there are some that stick to certain brands that they have already used or that they want to try out. BMW has remained one of the top car manufacturers and has come up with wide range of new cars that suit most consumers. It is always recommended that you look out for new cars from BMW and find out more about the features and specifications before you intend to buy it.

Do More Research to Get the Best Car

Research is the most important factor when you are looking for brand new cars because you are going to spend your money on the car that suits your requirement and budget. Hence, you have to be sure about the features and options that are in the car. It is always recommended that you look out for the wide range of new cars from BMW on the official site and get more information about the cars that suits your choice. This will help you to buy the right model so that you can get ultimate satisfaction.


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