Car Buying Tips

New Cars from BMW: How to Buy the Best One?

Car buyers all over the world are constantly looking out for new cars that can offer them better driving experience. While there are some consumers that usually try out different brands there are some that stick to certain brands that they have already used or that they want to try out. BMW has remained one of the top car manufacturers and has come up with wide range of new cars that suit most consumers. It is always recommended that you look out for new cars from BMW and find out more about the features and specifications before you intend to buy it.

Do More Research to Get the Best Car

Research is the most important factor when you are looking for brand new cars because you are going to spend your money on the car that suits your requirement and budget. Hence, you have to be sure about the features and options that are in the car. It is always recommended that you look out for the wide range of new cars from BMW on the official site and get more information about the cars that suits your choice. This will help you to buy the right model so that you can get ultimate satisfaction.


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Autos ReviewsHolden

The sedan and hatchback Holden Cruze Launch 2013 – Review

Holden’s original Australian-made Cruze small-car has launched in March 2011. It is more like its predecessors that is quite hard to distinguish from interior. It is the car that widely delivers the level of style, comfort, sophistication, and road-safety-vehicle. It is not just a car it is Australian small car designed on SUV and GM’s standard for family crossovers.

Well-figured Worth

The sedan and hatchback are priced alike, but the wagon remains up to $4850 more with the possibility that they will be coupled shortly by a neat four-wheel drive built on the identical platform. The $19,490 Equipped reinstates the $21,490 CD, with the extravaganza addendum of fog lights, a sports grille, 17” alloys and rear parking detectors. The CDX adds keyless entry, push button start and a reversing camera. The SRi gets reverse parking detectors, while the top of the variety SRi-V advances a reversing camera as well.


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Autos news

Ampera wins second Auto Green Award – Auto Express magazine’s award ceremony London

Auto Express magazine’s award ceremony was held in London recently. It included all the green cars with magnificent performances, it was difficult to decide which car would win at one time but Vauxhall’s revolutionary model Vauxhall Ampera outmatched all yet again.

“Manufacturers are working harder than ever to make their cars more eco-friendly, so it’s testament to Vauxhall’s brilliant Ampera that wins our Green Award for the second year on the trot…it is still the best.” – Steve Fowler (Vauxhall official)


Vauxhall‘s director showed his gratitude over winning the award and said that they are upbeat as Ampera has embraced the award for the second consecutive year. It is a trendsetter in the true sense of the word not only for the company but also for the entire automotive industry.

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Autos ReviewsSkoda

2013 Skoda Yeti – Review

The facelifted Skoda Yeti has debuted at Frankfurt Motor Show with its redesigned exterior, interior and enhanced engine. It will go on sale in Europe by the end of this year.

What’s new in 2013 Yati?

The headlights are redesigned and now they are sharper looking. The new grille and a sporty bumper add stylish looks to the car. It also gets a 3-spoke steering wheel with different design options.

Engine and Fuel Economy

The new SUV is available with a wide range of petrol and diesel engines with front and all-wheel drive configurations. Gearbox options remain the same with the 6-speed manual and 7 speed automatic.


Most of the Yeti’s are front wheel drive but the suspension is raised. The new Yeti offers a broad range of specifications and engine and this all is available at a very reasonable price. It comes in 10 main specifications S, entry-level E, SE, SE Plus, Elegance, SE GreenLine II, S Greenline II, Elegance GreenLine II,

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Autos ReviewsOpel

Opel Astra Sedan 2013 – Review

The cars have been manufacturing on costumers’ demand of sporty look with stylish Luxury sedan car. The Opel manufacturing company has now expanded successfully its Astra model family with an innovative sporty and stylish sedan. The vehicle has featured identical Astra strengths, advanced technology and its well-built quality. The new up-scale and well-designed notchback is reasonably priced alternative for the customers of high choice opt for this kind of vehicle in the mid-size segment.

Well-Priced Vehicle

The Opel Astra Sedan is aced up for the Australian launch of General Motors for European Division. The pricing of Astra starts higher than most of its rivals in the European market reaching at $23,990 for a five-door hatch, sporty stylish sedan. The well-designed three-door Astra GTC equally carries a trendy standard and launches at $28,990. All Astra models are well-equipped, and pricing has been positioned at the standard range, though. Dynamically, the Astra’s unstructured steering is its Achilles heel as the vehicle constantly needs drivers to keep the car straight even on freeways.


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Car Buying Tips

Test a Car Before to Buy it! Test Drive Tips

The decision to purchase a particular car is very much based on the first ride of the vehicle that expresses the individual’s mood, style and foremost the commuters’ need for carriage. A test drive is the end to be certain of the car will meet the consumers’ requirement. It provides a great deal of car’s performance, the interior and adds on accessories of exterior including the trendy look or brand.

These postulated ins and outs are surely made the test drive a pleasant expediency for a comprehensive assessment of a new automobile before a commuter makes the all-significant decision.


Insurance Check

First thing though is the insurance check, when you sign up for test drive; it is to be certain that the dealer’s insurance is defend-able in commuter’s favor. Generally every vendor provides, but if you’re purchasing from a private vendor then it is crucial to consider your own. Otherwise the customer must consult his insurance provider to inform the term and condition of taking a car for test drive on a safe side.

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