Kia Soul Kicks Things Up A Notch With New Engine And Upgrades

Is the new Kia Soul, a crossover or a small station wagon? Pushing the boundaries of car model classification, what can be said for sure is that it is a unique vehicle that has a funky look and a cool, innovative engine. It’s not traditional-looking or traditionally-built car; the Kia Soul stands out in the crowd and is making car buyers take a second look at the Kia brand.

The Kia Soul is nothing new, but it hasn’t exactly hit the mainstream market just yet. But the introduction of the new Kia Soul just might kick things up a notch for this smaller car manufacturer. It’s not exactly a station wagon like your parents used to drive or a newfangled crossover; it has a design all its own, and it owns it with vigor.

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Toyota Hilux Dethroned
Autos Reviews

Toyota Hilux Dethroned: Who Is The New King In UTE Segment?

With Toyota’s legendary reliability and claim to unparalleled resale value, the Hilux is hard to ignore while shopping for a ute. But is...

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Cars TechFeatured

What technology will feature on the cars of tomorrow?

Cars have been steadily advancing for over a hundred years and are now more efficient, more manoeuvrable and safer than ever before, but...

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Autos news

Hyundai and Kia ready to ramp up investment in US to $3.1 billion

Two of the biggest South Korean automakers, Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp. have announced plans to invest $3.1 billion in the...

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Autos ReviewsFeaturedFord

Ford surprises fans with revamped engine and hood on new Mustang

The latest Mustang 2018 model comes equipped with a more energy-efficient engine by doing away with the older one. In addition, the model...

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Autos Reviews

These 5 facts about America’s Favorite Cars Will Shock You

If there’s one thing that makes America famous in the automotive industry, it’s muscle cars. Our obsession with being the biggest and...

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Car Buying Tips

Are Used Cars In Short Supply?

Just two decades ago, financial experts were debating whether it was smarter to lease or buy a car. Leases might or might not still be the...

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Autos GuideCar Buying Tips

Financial Benefits of Hybrid Cars

More and more Americans have been choosing hybrid cars on their most recent trips to the dealership. These cars are obviously much better...

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