How to Keep Vehicle in Good Condition

A recent survey reports that shabby car conditions are responsible for about fifty percent of break downs on roads. These crackups might also result in a serious accident; therefore it is very important to keep your vehicles in good conditions.
Follow these tips to make sure your life, money and time is saved.


The first thing that is attention-worthy is your tires’ life. Check them properly before beginning your journey. Use tire gauges to check it. They must be inflated and not treading. Do not ignore the tread indicator’s warning signs, replace them at once. Checking your tires time and again is a good habit that could save you getting into troublesome situations.


Keep your key chain light

With a light key chain the tumbles in the ignition cannot fail, but heavy keys could cause an entry switch failure. Drive only with the entry-key and if it is sticking inside, get alarmed and immediately change it with another one.

Windows, lights and Mirrors

Whenever drive, first ensure that your carriage has fine windows, lights and mirrors. If there is any broken mirror or light, replace it at once. Never drive with a broken mirror or light, especially at night.

Battery, brakes and belts

Brakes are always dangerous, and need to be checked up on monthly basis. Latest brakes could also be retrieved from time to time to maximize its efficiency. If there is any problem, take your van for a brake-service.

Belts also need to be checked daily to shun tension or wear. If you hear loud noises coming out, get them tightened.

Keep your car’s battery cleaned every month to safe from corrosion. Do not run it when it is down, instead, go for new battery, do some research before buying new battery, e.g. Yuasa battery may be a good choice in this regard!

Keep your interior tidy

It is very significant to keep a crystal clear interior for your hauler’s good condition. A shabby car not only looks weird but also reduces its life. A tidy interior increases its value too. Vacuum it, throw away any trash inside it, and keep it away from dust and dirt.

Wash your engine

A worn-out, dirty engine cannot work better than a clean and tidy one. Try to wash it after every six-nine months for an efficient performance. Clean engines are able to spot leaks easily and help your vehicle run for more time.

Buy Premium gas

Premium gas is never expensive, rather a low-quality gas is. How? Because a lower-quality gas reduces your engines’ effectiveness and performance and as a result of which it gets worn-out soon; while a premium gas quality does not risk its performance and consequently, your wheel’s life is doubled. Never say yes, to dirty gasoline.

Take expert’s advice:

Sometimes it is impossible to tackle a breakdown by yourself. If such situation arises, visit for an assured help. (You can even take an insurance advice from this URL).

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