5 Simple Checks All Drivers Should Make in Autumn

Though winter is months away, drivers are starting to find ways of preparing themselves for the colder weather ahead of them. Without a doubt, there days are getting colder and bring many complications with them, but it’s crucial for you to perform simple checks during the upcoming autumn and winter months before heading out onto the road.

winter driving tipsImage Source: Pexels

Lights and Indicators

Especially with the darker mornings and shorter nights en route, ensuring your lights and indicators are fully operational is vital. Without them, you are putting yourself and other drivers at risk on the roads. Checking lights and indicators are working is simple and requires very little from yourself; simply ask a friend, colleague or relative to step outside of your vehicle, signal them once you have activated your lights and indicators, and ask them to signal back if they are switched on and working.

Windscreen Wipers

Granted, maybe you’d be considered over-dramatic if you started to prepare yourself for snow in the beginning of autumn. But, it’s always much better to be prepared than to work around the unexpected! A simple flick of your wiper switch should do the trick, just to make sure they are working properly. If you wanted to thoroughly inspect to ensure they are fit enough to withstand the autumn weather, get out of your motor and look yourself. Signs of wear and tear could mean that you need to replace them!

Engine Coolant Level

An engine can be deceiving. It’s easy to assume that colder weather decreases the temperature of a vehicle engine, but that is where you would be wrong. The engine is the hardest working part of a vehicle, and since it’s always working while your car is moving, it can easily become overheated and exhausted. Engine coolant, however, works to prevent this from happening regardless of how far you travel – it’s always wise to make sure this is topped up before heading onto the road.

Battery State

Whether it’s the battery in your phone or the battery that keeps your motor running properly, every type must be well-maintained or replaced after so long. Putting this off can only lead to further complications and problems that you don’t want to be dealing with when the temperature outside is reaching the single figures! Avoid this by doing your research, and if your battery is more than five years old, take your motor to a local garage and have it replaced.

Emergency Contact Details

Last but by no means least, making sure you have emergency contact details jotted down somewhere in your car is vital. This is not just in case of a breakdown, but also to prepare you for the unexpected. Autumn brings the colder weather with it, which means chaos on the roads! Should you or any other driver get into any complications, it’s always a great idea to keep contact details handy.

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